What I got for Christmas

I didn't do a list this Christmas, so I mainly got money/vouchers etc, plus the obligatory stocking from my mum with the usual cotton wool/toothpaste/socks in (ever so handy!) However I did get some lovely gifts from some of my friends/boyfriend, so here are my faves:

These two presents were from my boyfriend. I had no idea what he had got for me so when I saw the Cambridge Satchel Company bag I was mega excited! I love these bags because they are classic and timeless, and as my sister said 'they get better as they get older'. Also, as you may know if you read my blog a lot, I LOVE Wildfox, and I love rings, so this Wildfox ring was the perfect gift for me. 

I got this scarf from my friend Hannah, I really wasn't expected her to get me anything so this was a very nice surprise. I love the cross design, I'm not a fan of the classic crosses that have been on trend recently but these plus sign type ones (?!?) are much more up my street and remind me of Topshop Unique.

My friend Rosie got me those two presents, I think the T-shirt will look cool with disco pants, and the two nail polish colours (Live and Let Die and Goldfinger) are so pretty and unlike anything I already have. 

I got these two books from my friend Ellie, I really want to see the films but hate seeing the film before reading the book! 

Finally, I got this Burt's Bees kit from my boyfriend's sister. I feel wrong if I don't have a Burt's bees lip balm within reach at all times, but have never tried any other products so I'm really looking forward to trying these. The cleanser smells so good! 

I am so grateful for all the presents I got this Christmas. I had such a relaxing time catching up with all my family and friends, but I went back to work yesterday and it didn't feel like I was away at all. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday :) If you work in retail I hope it wasn't too horrendous. This was the first year for about five years where I have had more than a two days off over the Christmas period, so I feel your pain!


  1. Looks like you got some fabulous presents hun!

    Eda x

  2. I got a Cambridge Satchel too, aren't they just beautiful!? I keep catching myself staring at mine which is a bit awkward :') You've gotten some lovely things!


    1. Haha They really are! Thank you :) gonna check your blog out now. xx

  3. Love the bag and the scarf! Lucky girl! Happy New Year to you gorgeous x

  4. looks like you were spoiled! :) perks of a wallflower is so good! i hope you enjoy it :)