OOTD: Christmassy weekend

This is what I wore on Saturday, when I went to buy a Christmas tree with my boyfriend:

Coat Fred Perry
Jumper H&M
Shirt Uniqlo
Leggings Matalan
Boots River Island
Collar Chain Ebay
Scarf TK Maxx

I was super excited to get a Christmas tree as I have never personally bought one before! 

Boyfriend lugging the tree home :) 

We went to Graham and Green in Notting Hill to get this super cute owl decorations:

Note to self: never leave it this 'late' to buy Christmas tree lights. They were sold out everywhere. In the end we got some from a corner shop near our flat, because pretty much nowhere in Westfield had them. Same with tree decorations, I don't really know where one normally buys these but I thought Next, Debenhams, M&S etc would have a massive selection, but I hardly found anything. Maybe everyone just stocks up much earlier these days. 

Anyway, due to the lack of selection, I went out again the next day to Oxford Street in search of more decorations (the bf couldn't face it again so I ventured alone!). 

This is what I wore for the occasion: 

Coat Fred Perry
Jumper Tosphop
Shorts Topshop
Boots River Island
Headband New Look
Collar Cut off a white shirt

I went to Primark as I thought I would find some stuff there but no luck. I also thought I was clever going early in the morning but it was PACKED. Note to self number 2: don't go to Primark in Oxford Street on a weekend two weeks before Christmas. I did get some bargain-ous £3 gold leggings though. 

In the end, good old John Lewis came up trumps and I managed to get all my decorations there for a very reasonable price (as my mum would say). I also got a tree topper from the big Paperchase in Tottenham Court Road (I strongly suggest EVERYONE pays it a visit, it is immense)

I did a bit of DIY-ing and painted these little rubber Chanel logos with white nail varnish, then threaded them and used them as decorations. I got them when I went to a screening of a film sponsored by Chanel 'Chance', where they were adorning the free glasses of champagne. As I am mildly (massively) obsessed with the Chanel logo, I borrowed (took) a few. 

I think Karl and Choupette would be proud!

The finished result:


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