Looks Loved This Month: November

I've decided to change my 'looks loved' posts from weekly to monthly as some weeks there are hardly any looks I love enough to include, and some weeks there are loads. So this makes more sense.

Here are my favourite looks from November (and one from December!):

1. Angelica Blick , whose blog is flawless, I don't think I've EVER seen her have an off day or a post where she doesn't look immaculate! I love this because of the mix of textures. I also need a black fur gilet, and I love high necked jumpers.

2. Frassy's blog was one of the first I ever read. I really like that she has a very eclectic sense of style, plus I think her signature 'jumping' pose is really cute :). Love the texture (again) of this dress.

3. Jennifer Lawrence in Alexander Wang (image from Google). I love everything about this look: the colour and shape of the dress, the perfect shoes, and the fact that chain bangle is the only accessory. Simple but stunning.

 4. Zendaya Coleman (image from Google). I didn't know who this was before I saw this pic (she is on a show on the Disney channel), and she's probably about 16, but OMG this dress. I also think the shoe choice is great, love the hair and love the accent nail.

5. Last but definitely not least is Blair again. I can't help myself, it's her fault for being so stylish ALL THE TIME. I think this would be an amazing look for a Christmas party, and you would avoid looking like everyone else.

Thank you stylish people for making my eyes so happy!

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  1. I love atlantic-pacific blog and its nice to discover some new cool ones too