Dream Christmas Wishlist

If money were no object, I would very much enjoy one of these items for Christmas!

1. Lanvin belt. I love a bit of a statement belt, and I love anything with a cat on.

2. YSL pin. This is screaming out to be pinned onto a white shirt! Somehow 'SLP' (Saint Laurent Paris-the label's new name) I just don't think will look the same.

3. Acne leather jacket. Leather jackets are timeless, and this one is super cool.

4. Valentino clutch. Valentino is one of my favourite designers, and I love that studded bit for your hand to go in!

5. Isabel Marant trainers. Instantly make an outfit look cool. I have already bought 2 pairs of wedge high tops and returned both pairs. Next year I will get some and keep them.

6. Stella Mccartney holographic clutch. I am really loving all things holographic at the moment. Love how simple this is.

7. Charlotte Olympia kitty flats. See above for cat obsession. I don't think I've seen many shoes which are cuter.

8. Wildfox jumper. I do love this particular jumper, but it really represents anything Wildfox. I adore this brand.

9. Marc Jacobs watch. I enjoy how clean and simple the face is on this.

What is on your designer wishlist?

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