Awkward Pre-Christmas Dressing

As it is the 1st December, it is legally allowed to begin thinking about Christmas. Before this date any thinking/planning/buying you may have been doing could have got you arrested. 

So I made a bit of a faux pas yesterday, I got all excited because it was the 1st December and I realised I could wear my sparkly Christmas dress to work. When I got to work someone told me it was actually the 30th November. This annoyed me greatly as I hate celebrating Christmas before the 1st December. Anyway here is an awkward mirror shot of the dress in question:

It doesn't look very sparkly here but it is. 

Dress Topshop
Blazer New Look
Belt Topshop
Shoes New Look

So now it is the 1st of December I am going to fully embrace Christmas by doing the following things:

  1. Watching some Christmas films. My favourites are Elf, Bad Santa and Hook (which is definitely a Christmas film, despite my boyfriend's objections. After all, he thinks Die Hard is a Christmas film, so what does he know?!?) I also want to watch some new ones like It's A Wonderful Life as everyone bangs on about how good it is in polls. 
  2. Buying a small (real) Christmas tree for mine and my boyfriend's flat and decorate it with decorations from Graham and Green. At home we have always had a really colourful (I don't want to say tacky but...sorry mum) Christmas tree with loads of random things on it, so I want ours to be just gold and cream and simple. 
  3. Going Ice-Skating. Last year we went to the Natural History Museum and I loved it, so this year we are going to Somerset House. I have a new found love of ice skating since last year, despite the slim possibility of someone slicing over my fingers, which terrifies me.  
Happy December! 

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