Review: Sleek part 2- 'Sunset' i Divine eyeshadow palette

Second to review from my Sleek haul is an i Divine eye shadow palette in 'Sunset'. This is actually a Sleek palette that I had when it first came out, and I was gutted when I lost it, so was mega happy to receive it again!

I accidentally stepped on it and cracked the mirror :(

Swatched from top to bottom, left to right.

I really like this collection of eye shadows, I am partial to a coppery smokey eye on a night out (black/grey can be too harsh on me) and the last 6 are great at creating this. They are highly pigmented, have a really pretty shimmery sheen to them and last all night. The only colours I wouldn't try are the bright blue and the bright orange , because both shades would look far too harsh on my skin tone  Also, despite designers'/magazines' best efforts to convince us that blue no longer has horrible garish 1980s associations, it definitely still does! I can see why Sleek have included it though as it does make the eye shadows 'pop' in the palette and help create the sunset effect.

The Sunset palette is £7.99 from the Sleek Website.

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