New Purchases

So I went home to Bristol this weekend, as it was my birthday yesterday (yay). On Friday I went into town with my mum to get some new glasses as my old ones are currently being held together with sellotape...fit. As it was pay day I accidentally went a bit mental in H&M, and also got two things from Primark. I think I might take some of it back however. Anyway, this is what I bought:


I love the print on this skirt, there was a dress in the same print as well which I almost bought instead but I think I prefer this. I might take this back, it's annoying because now I work in a more office-y environment where I have to wear black, when I go shopping I tend to lean only towards things I can also wear to work. How boring is that?!? So I'm not sure if I will keep this but it is so cute. I might try and sneakily wear it to work anyway. Ooo rebel.

This jumper is black but the photo is really crap and washed out so it doesn't look its' best. This is the softest jumper I have ever felt, it's so comfy and is basically a dream to wear. I can't wait to wear this with leather.

Again, I really like these but I think I might have to return them because they are just that bit too snug to be comfortable. H&M sizing is random, in both tops I bought I got an 8, I got a 10 in the skirt and a 12 in these trousers! I could go up to a 14 but I think they would be baggy round the legs. Love the colour though, and the fact they are a bit different from jeans.

My last purchase from H&M, this jumper was only £7.99, such a bargain! It looks quite washed out but it is black.


Love this skirt, I've got the pleather pleated one from Primark last year which is definitely a blogger's fave, I know i've worn mine to death, so this is like a replacement.

This really caught my eye when I saw it, I was uuhmming and ahhing over it because it is so obviously from  this season and these days I try and buy things I can wear over and over. But I couldn't resist it in the end.

I had a really nice birthday weekend, went out on Saturday night with a few of my friends and had such a good night, and then went for a birthday lunch with my family and boyfriend yesterday. The place I chose probably wasn't the ideal choice for a vegetarian as I basically had a bowl of peas with goat's cheese, some fries and bread with oil (the menu was more limited on a Sunday) but I enjoyed myself none the less!


  1. love everything!!! :)


  2. Love the pants!

    Maybe we can follow each other? Let me know!