Autumn Winter Boots

I got some money for my birthday and I really want some new winter boots. I got some ankle boots from River Island last year which were £40 and I still really like them but I want to invest in some that are real leather. I've tried loaads of website but a lot seem to be same old same as last year, with a few studs thrown on. Even Topshop didn't really inspire me, and usually they have at least one pair of boots I lust after each AW.

The first boots that caught me eye were these beauties:

£119 Zara

I know I literally JUST moaned about studs but I do really like these, however they are tres expensive, a bit far out of my budget.

£80 Office

Studs again (I'm a massive hypocrite) but I do really like the buckles on these. 

£85 Office

These I quite enjoy because they're so simple. They remind me of the 90s.

 £85 Office 

I also like these for similar reasons but suede is not good with UK weather! 

£85 River Island

These are my favourite I think. I'm a sucker for that sole (apparently it's called a 'cleated' sole) and I like the heel height, plus the fact that they're lace ups. I think i'm gonna have to have a little browse and try them on tomorrow! 


  1. Studs seem to be on everything at the moment. But I'd say SPIKES>studs I love anything with spikes on to be honest. That might just be me, I think it's because they're a little bit more 'out there' than studs.

    I do really like the Zara ones though and the suede ones, get yourself some protector spray and a suede brush and you'll be okay.

    1. Yeah I like spikes too, I think I mostly prefer them apart from those square studs, those are my fave. As per usual though on the high street, it is complete over kill and everyone will be sick of them come next year.

  2. Like all of them!


  3. i want those studded zara boots (1st pair) so bad but the price is over $200 in Sydney and it really puts me off :( They are super cool though <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. Love all these boots! A girl can never have too many black booties :P x