Affordable Wish List

I get paid tomorrow woop woop!

 I've been quite poor this month due to this, that and the other, so when I get paid I'm going to treat myself to some/all of the below:

This 'trophy' jacket from BooHoo. I am a big fan of the Chanel-esque (although we aren't allowed to call anything that anymore)  boucle (how does one do an accented e?) jacket. This is from BooHoo's 'Boutique' range, and is a tad more pricey than their usual stuff at £45, although hopefully that will mean the quality is better and justify the mark up. This will be cute for work over a white shirt and skirt or cropped trousers.

This cute gilet from New Look, £39.99. I have been hankering after a furry gilet recently, I don't know why, I probably saw someone cool wearing one and it has been subconsciously etched on to my brain. I like this one as it has different coloured furs and would go with many different outfits. 

Another Chanel rip off. I'm sorry Chanel! Don't hate me. It's only because I love you but cannot in a million years afford you. This T-shirt from Studded Petals makes me really happy though. Especially for £11.99.

I am majorly in love with this bag, and have been ever since I set eyes on it whilst browsing the Accessorize website about a month ago. I love satchels and the stag head is so cute! £32. 

Last but not least, I want looaaddss of stuff from Sparkly Nails. I came across this site when it was featured More! magazine and it looks amazing. It's so cheap and I'm pretty sure they are UK based so I won't have the wait for it to ship all the way from China, which is what stops me from buying lots of nail stuff from Ebay.

Speaking of nails, here are some nail art designs I have sported recently:

I can't wait to do Halloween nails on Wednesday! 

P.S. I have more stuff on Ebay here


  1. I love the drippy chanel t-shirt, also your nail inspiration is amazing I love all of the images :)

    Rose x

    1. thank you :) I've just got a massive drippy chanel de-cal for my wall as well...obsessed?! haha x

  2. Lol I actually have that Tee I got it the other day. Amazing nails again and I'm loving all the Chanel inspired pieces.

    1. Thank you :) Until I can afford real Chanel... haha

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  4. Love all of these picks, especially the jacket!
    (and top tip of the day: one would accent an e with the 'Alt Gr' key like so - é!)
    Hope you're having a great week hun!

    Vanessa x

    1. Ooo thanks :) Hope you'ré (haha) having a great week too xx