London Fashion Week

So today I took a stroll (well, two tubes) down to Somerset House to check out London Fashion Week. I just like to go down and look at people and try and spot bloggers I recognise. I went with my boyf, which I like doing because he makes comments like this that crack me up:

Me: 'I like that clutch'
Him: 'What the see-through one...yeah, good for the airport'

and after seeing a rather, ahem, unusual outfit on a man:

'I should have just come here wearing a see through mac and a pair of heels' (oh the image!)

So we just spent an hour observing the craziness that ensues when a lot of fashion types get together to out-fashion each other. I saw a lot of outfits I did really like, but some people...it kinda annoys me when people are too 'out there' with fashion because I don't feel like it's being particularly stylish. I feel like anyone could shove on a million different prints, dye their hair green and wear a ton of mental make up. I like it when people put unusual textures together, or wear an un expected accessory or pair of shoes. Like this lady:

Love the masculine/feminine style, I don't particularly like the shoes but I think she works it.

Anyway, this is what I wore for the occasion:

Dress River Island
Jacket Primark
Necklace New Look
Boots River Island
Ring YSL
Nails Topshop 'Celestial'

There was another girl there wearing the same dress as me...awkward! Also, check out my boyfriend's Vans, I think they are so cute...

Looking forward to the rest of London fashion week! 

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