Recent Manicures

Painting my nails is my favourite. Here are some of my most recent manicures.
From left-right, top-bottom:
  1. Model's Own, 'Indian Ocean', part of the 'Beetlejuice' range. This nail polish makes me feel like a mermaid. However It is really sheer, and takes about 5 coats to look this opaque, and you can still slightly see through it.
  2. Missguided 'MissTaken Orange' with Model's Own 'Goldfinger', 'Nude Beige' and the Nail Art Pen in Black. I got the orange polish free with this month's Cosmopolitan. It went on nicely and only required 2 coats to make it opaque. Nice juicy orange colour too.
  3. Barry M 'Peach Melba' with Model's Own 'Goldfinger'. I like this effect a lot and it's really easy, just paint the top of the nail with the glitter and then use a cotton bud to drag down the nail.
  4. Barry M 'Yellow' with a rust colour from Urban Outfitters which they no longer sell and Model's Own back Nail Art Pen. I wanted to do a more classic leopard print with the colours of an actual leopard but it looks more like a giraffe haha. I still enjoy the outcome though.
  5. Primark Coral, which again I don't think they stock anymore with Topshop 'Journalist' accent nail. Love this combo.
  6. I can't even recall which polishes I used for this but I like that they look fresh and minty.
  7. Model's Own 'Pink Fizz' over a Model's Own pink which they no longer sell. This was the first time I did a half moon manicure and I liked it.
  8. American Apparel colour which I cannot find, with black dots and cat transfers from EBay. Unfortunately I forgot to put a top coat on so I washed the cat down the sink haha.
  9. Model's Own 'Black Magic', 'Snow White' and Barry M 'Grey', with Model's Own black Nail Art Pen. This was a tutorial from www.quitepolished.blogspot.co.uk. So simple but it looks amazing!

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