DIY: Studded Backpack

So, I bought this little backpack from a charity shop in Bath for £4, and as soon as I saw it I knew it was screaming out to be studded! I bought 2 packs of studs from ebay for £2.76 for 20 and got to work.

Here it is before...

And after...

It was difficult to make it look nice in the after photo because straight on you can't really see the studs which is sad, but I'm really pleased with the outcome. 

Wearing a backpack just makes me feel cute! 

I want to do loads more DIYs, as I've got so much inspiration for them at the moment but not enough time to do them all. Also, I wish they sold studs in shops, getting them off of Ebay is well cheap but bloody inconvenient when they take about a month to arrive, I'm still waiting on some nail wheels. Grr. 

They should get some sort of concession in Topshop where they sell studs and dye and stuff to DIY. Or they should provide a studding/dyeing etc service. Honestly, why did I ever leave Topshop, they clearly need me! Haha. 

Well I'm off to dry my hair.


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