I Wish Wednesday: Long nails

This Wednesday, I really wish I had long nails.

Pretty much ever since I started painting my nails, I have preferred to keep my nails short and square, but within the last 2 months I have been envious of anyone with longer talons (especially natural ones).

I think my change of heart is largely down to WAH! nails and tumblrs like Fuckyeahnailart! as they are always posting pictures of amazing nail art on like these:

 I also LOVE Kate's (from This Is What I do) nails, I can't believe they are real! 


Working as a VM means constantly moving stuff around, picking up hangers, etc etc, so inevitably my nails are always breaking and splitting. Plus, my naked nails make me feel really quite sick, so I always have nail varnish on, and it becomes a vicious circle.

So, I have been on a bit of a mission to grow my nails recently, and so far I've tried two products. First I bought the Boots Salon Nail Growth Activator, after debating the millions of products on offer in Boots, I think in the end I went for it simply because it was the cheapest! To be honest, I was pretty disappointed with it, like I said I think my job is a big factor in why my nails break a lot, but it just chipped so quickly, and after a week there was no visible improvement at all, so I gave up. 

One of the friends who I live with then gave me Sally Hansen: Maximum Growth. Unfortunately, I can't really do a fair review on this product, as the one I have acquired is quite old and the product is gloopy, making it hard to add a layer every day as suggested on the packaging. Despite this I definitely noticed an improvement in both the length and strength of my nails, so I think I'm going to invest in a Sally Hansen product.

On the Sally Hansen website they have a 'Nail Clinic' feature which diagnoses your problem nails by posing a few questions, and then suggests products to help. Apparently I have Weak nails, which I think is a fair analysis, and I'm gonna try at least a few of the products suggested and do a before and after comparison. 

If anyone knows of any miracle cures please tell me! 

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