What I bought: Wedge Trainers

 About 10 minutes after I bought the white high tops in my Topshop Uniform post, I walked past River Island and they had these beauties in the window.

I fell a little bit in love, but assuming they would be about £70, like these Topshop ones, and the fact that I had just purchased some reeallly similar ones, I walked on by. However, I popped into the Oxford Circus River Island about a week later just to have a look, and discovered they were only £40! So when I got paid on Friday I decided to treat myself.

I really like them, they have a hidden wedge which makes them easy to walk in, I've only tried them on round my house but fingers crossed they don't hurt! Because my Topshop ones do.

I love :)

When I showed my boyfriend he was like 'But you bought some exactly the same the other day'. Ha! Men are cute.

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