Review: Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream

In the Harrod's glossy box, there was a Clarin's Extra-Firming Body Cream sample.

I've only used one other Clarins product before, the Skin Illusion Natural Radiance foundation, which I was very impressed with, so I had high hopes for the body cream.

(my hand looks really dry, the air con at work really takes out the moisture. I need some hand cream!)

The consistency is smooth, and feels almost silky.  I have been using it after showering every day and it goes on nicely and evenly. According to the front of the tube, this product 'Lifts, tones, comforts'. After using this cream every day for about two weeks, I would say one out of the three claims is true.

I've noticed a slight difference around my 'problem areas' (which it says to target), my elbows and knees are much smoother and slightly firmer. The initial smell is quite pleasant, but the product leaves a slightly different aftersmell (is this a word?!?), which I think may be suited to a more mature customer, as it's a sort of classic floral scent.

I wouldn't say the product 'comforts', it feels nice on the skin, and I feel better after applying it but I think that's the case with any moisturiser. And unfortunately I haven't noticed any lifting, although I think this may be because I am young (ish) and am lucky enough to not have any particularly saggy bits yet!

Overall, I have enjoyed using this product, but I think it is targeted at someone older than me, due to the scent, the properties it boasts and the price point.  I would not buy this again, but would recommend it to my mum!


  1. It's hard to invest in those expensive products, not that Clarins is, but when I am at Harrods, I often think do I want to spend £50 + on a 50ml cream? But it's good you are doing these reviews :)

  2. Yeah exactly! That's why Glossybox is good, I never would have had the chance to try it otherwise. :)