Topshop Uniform

One of the bonuses of working in Topshop means that 4 times a year, I can 6 pieces of uniform at a discounted price. So far I have bought 4 things...

Close up...

I'm really pleased with all the pieces I've got so far, especially the mint green skirt, it's the cutest thing ever! 

 I find it quite hard to find things to get for uniform which sounds really stupid because I've got the whole of Topshop to choose from, but a lot of times in the past I have ended up buying things on impulse which I have either worn only a couple of times or not at all. I also picked up one of these cropped t shirts to wear with the green skirt and other high waisted bottoms, I love that combo at the moment.  

I've still got 2 bits left to get, exciting! 

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