I have been ill this week, which sucks for two reasons. One, I have had a week off of work, so the timing was not great. Two, it is the second time I have been ill in a month, and before that I haven't been ill for about 7 years. I blame London.

To cheer me up, my boyfriend said he had booked me a surprise. I asked him for a clue and he said 'it's on a plane'. I got scared then and thought I was doing a skydive or something...so I made him tell me.

He only went and booked me a minx manicure didn't he! How that funk is that related to a plane one might wonder?


It's a salon that looks like a plane! (and is made out of a plane, my boyfriend just informed me). All the decor is plane-related, even down to the menu board...

How cute?!?

I have had Minx twice before, once at Wah! nails in Topshop (Oxford Circus) and once in Nails Inc, and both times I went for the gold. They had a little menu book with all the different designs in and I considered having silver...but I decided to go for the gold again. It's just too shiny to resist.

Getting Minxed...

Fully Minxed...

Please excuse my greasy palm...I was making chips (this was taken later in the day). Ha.

I love my Minx nails, and I think the nail technician did a really good job, she spent ages making sure they looked perfect. 

They have a website here:-


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