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OOTD // Not Gucci, Not Vetements

Jeans H&M
Shirt Vintage
Shoes Topshop
Jacket Debenhams
Blazer Warehouse

I don't have much to say today, except that I feel like this outfit is very me, and that I love these jeans. In the words of Miranda Priestly, that's all. 


OOTD // Wearing Leopard print in Stockholm

Top Zara
Shorts Monki via ASOS
Sandals Office 

It seems mental to be posting photos wearing sandals - summer feels like a distant dream! I'm not one of those gals who can't wait for the nights to start drawing in so they can get all snuggled. Long nights and bare legs will always beat layers and blankets for me! 

These pics were taking in Stockholm, where my husband and I visited at the end of September, as he was taking part in the half marathon. I've wanted to go to Stockholm for the longest time, mostly because of the street style, as I'm that shallow and like to base my trips on how on-trend people are. Only half joking. 

It didn't disappoint, there were A LOT of #outfitgoals #lifegoals #facegoals. I had to stop myself from walking along shouting YASS queeen slay slay slay whilst doing the flamenco emjoi. 

Highlights of the trip included discovering a vegetarian all you can eat buffet, having probably the best massage of my life and going on the highest ride in the world (not verified). 

These shorts were bought on a whim just before the trip and have quickly become one of my staple items - love a pair of shorts. They sometimes make me feel a bit like a boxer, especially the other day when I wore them to work with this vintage kimono and Adidas superstars, whoopsie! I decided to go with it though so I knocked up a make shift boxing ring in the kitchen and challenged my colleagues to a couple of rounds in the ring. Just joking of course - the kitchen at my work is so small you can barely swing a cat. Otherwise it would have been a great idea. 

I'm going to stop talking now. 


Beauty Review // And Other Stories Perle De Coco Body Scrub

I don't understand people that don't moisturise after a shower (as in body not face). I'm a tad obsessed with having smooth, moisturised skin and have been since I was a teenager - very rarely I forget this step and I don't feel right at all! 

Part of my smooth skin goals is using a good exfoliator - most of the time I just use exfoliating gloves (which do a cracking job of waking me up in the morning as well), but my husband bought me this little treat when he was in London the other week and it is the absolute ONE. 

I love anything coconut/vanilla/shea butter based and this scrub smells so good that it makes me want to grab a spoon and start snacking. I used to work with a luxury perfume brand when I lived in Dubai and the French owners would describe their scents as 'gourmand' because they smelt good enough to eat, and this scrub is the definition of that.

It's quite a thick consistency which feels like a luxury treat for the bod, and the grains are a good size so it feels like they're working but not taking off a layer of your skin in the process. 

I've tried to ration myself with this and only use it every now and again but I've failed miserably. It's almost gone, which makes me sad as it's made me look forward to a shower and usually I find showering very boring.I'm gonna have to repurchase, along with the matching moisturiser! 


OOTD // Khaki + a cat

Coat Topshop
Shirt Zara
Trousers H&M
Trainers Adidas 

I have four points to make about this outfit:

1. Boobs are annoying when it comes to fashion. They make this shirt all gappy and it rides up in an annoying fashion. 

2. Despite the above, I have wanted a khaki shirt for AGES but there was always something off with the ones I was seeing. When I saw this one, it was love. 

3. I got these trainers in the Office sale. They were the junior version, in the sale, with an extra 10% off. Happy Birthday to me. 

4. I was distracted whilst taking these photos as I spotted this majestic beast out of the corner of my eye. See how he runs towards me? He knows. It was so hard not to pop him into my bag. 

It's love.