Review: Boots Botanics

Botanics by Boots have been on my radar for a while, and I remember there being particular hype around the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm, which was often sold out in Boots in the UK. A good thing about Dubai is that you don't find that beauty blogger cult products sell out as much (finding them is a different story!). 

I needed a new cleanser so popped into Boots and found that the Botanics range was buy one get one free, so I thought why not and got the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm, Hydrating Day Cream, a face mask (more on that later) and some cleansing wipes. Here are my thoughts on the cleanser and moisturiser:

Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

What it says on the tin: Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm with nourishing rosehip (97% organic)

Good Things: This is a thick, slightly grainy balm which glides over the skin and does a great job of removing make-up and making my skin feel super clean. 

Bad Things: Not really a bad thing but as it's so thick it can take a while to get this off, you definitely need to do a thorough scrub with a flannel. This would also maybe be an issue if you have particularly oily skin? 

Day Cream 

What it says on the tin: Hydrating Day Cream with nourishing rosehip (81% organic)

Good things: Firstly, I love that the jar was filled right to the top and not only three quarters  like some moisturisers. This smells fairly strongly of roses, which I like but may put some people off.  It makes my skin feel and look fresh and my make-up sits nicely on top. 

Bad Things: This isn't necessarily bad, just a bit different to most other moisturisers I've tried, but the formula has a slightly odd consistency. It kind of feels like it doesn't immediately absorb into the skin and has a more watery texture. However, I've decided this may be due to the fact that it has a lot of organic ingredients and perhaps less oil? Anyway, although this is unusual I don't feel like it affects how well it moisturises my face so is not a problem for me. 

Verdict: I really like both these products and have noticed my skin looks fresher and brighter, meaning I've felt the need to wear less foundation. I like the ritual of applying them as  it feels luxurious and like a bit of a treat! An excellent price as well, considering the cost of their high-end counterparts. Overall, I would definitely purchase again and would give them both an 8/10. 

Have you tried anything from Boots Botanics?

Faye x


What to Wear to a Christmas Party

When I read in magazines that it's Christmas party season and everyone's tired because of all the Christmas parties I always think really? I have my work Christmas party and maybe one other get-together with my friends and then maybe one other Christmas party with some other friends. Am I just really uncool? Is everyone else going to shitloads of parties every night throughout December? I think I'm just old. ANYWAY, Here are some rad outfits to wear to all your Christmas parties, you bunch of party animals you.

Christmas Party Look 1

Look 1. 

I love the idea of short shorts with a polo neck, very sixties. A manly watch like this one from the Invaluable men's watch page brings a cooler edge to the super glittery-ness and fluffy bags are always a good idea.Those shoes are pretty much giving my heart palpitations because it wants them so much.

Christmas Party Look Number 2

Look 2. 

If you can't wear sequins at Christmas then when the bloody heck can you that's my motto. I am in love with this shirt and think the whole ensemble would be perfect with dark lips, these beaut shoes and a splash of green nail polish to bring out the skirt's colour. Add the slogan clutch to express your nonchalant attitude to being the best dressed gal in attendance.

Christmas Party Look Number Three

Look 3.

This look is fun isn't it. What fun.I am pretty much obsessed with these shoes and I love the dress because it is the perfect mix of casual and PARTAYYYYY (it looks even better on the model). This clutch is really weird but in a good way and I don't think the outfit needs anything else but a lovely pair of geometric earrings.

What will you be wearing to your Christmas party? Link below and also follow me on Twitter why dontcha cos I do love a good chat.

Faye x


Sassy Christmas Jumpers

Sassy Christmas Jumpers

According to The Cut, ironic Christmas jumpers are over because everyone and their mother is jumping on the bandwagon and selling them. Thus, what started as a fun, niche club for finding horrible vintage 80s/90s Christmas jumpers has turned into a money making machine. I tend to agree with this for the most part,as it is a shame that Christmas Jumpers used to be about going to a charity shop to see what hideous monstrosity one could unearth but are now products available in Tesco.

Nevertheless, it is Christmas Jumper Day on Friday, and it is quite fun. So I have gathered my favourites, ones that I think aren't hideously tacky, super obvious or just plain crap.

Top-bottom, L-R:

1. Selected Homme at Topman
2. Marks and Spencer
3. New Look
4. Markus Lupfer at Net-a-Porter (don't let anyone tell you a pineapple isn't festive)
5. Topshop
6. Marks & Spencer
7. New Look
8. Peacocks

Faye x


Sports Luxe (Or Basically Wearing Pyjamas in Public)

Jacket Internacionale
Joggers H&M
Shoes Topshop
Sunglasses Forever 21

So this was the comfiest outfit ever, apart from the shoes, I can normally wear shoes in after about 5 days but these little buggers still hurt. They're so versatile though so I'll stand the pain for fashion. I know, I know, I'm a trouper. 

In audio/visual news, I have becoming obsessed with podcasts (namely This American Life, Serial and Distraction Pieces with Scroobius Pip) and Parks and Recreation which is this close to being up there with The American Office. Give them a go why dontcha? 

Faye x


7 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Work Harder

I have banged on about it many times, but moving countries and going from having an entire wardobe at your disposal to a rail of a select few favourites has been a sartorial challenge. I know, first world problems and all that but still, I'm not gonna lie, it has got on my nerves at times. Big wardrobe or small  compact wardrobe, should you find yourself staring at your clothes with dead,dull eyes for a good 10 minutes every morning these tips may help.

1. Borrow from your boyfriend/friend/mum/sister 
When 'I've got nothing to wear' fear strikes, having a little look in someone else's wardrobe can give you a flash of inspiration -even if it's only a hat/shirt/pair of socks.

2. Layer, layer, layer
Simple things like wearing a shirt under a jumper over a dress or playing with proportions and wearing a long t-shirt under a jumper and pair of trousers mixes things up and makes them more interesting.

3. Think Outside the Box
Thought your joggers were only for sitting around watching Netflix the gym? Pair them with a silky top, leather jacket and smart shoes and you got yourself a lovely smart/casj outfit. Wear a head to toe red ensemble and you've nailed the monochrome trend. Wear a cardigan back to front and you've got a new jumper. And so on.

4. Get Inspired
It sounds blatantly obvious, but having a folder/Tumblr/Pinterest board where you can keep all your fave looks in one place is so helpful. It's the first place I turn to when my fashion brain is turned off, and can give you great ideas, often using stuff you already own but worn in a way you hadn't considered.

5. Mix up Day & Night
A bit similar to tip 3, but not looking at your wardobe in terms of day outfits and night outfits can give you loads more options. For example, a strapless party dress looks really cute with a t-shirt and a chunky necklace, and I actually prefer glitter and sparkle with over-sized shirts or brogues. As many fashion editors will no doubt tell you, it's all about the high-low mix.

6. DIY
This can be as simple as adding some studs onto a top, cutting off sleeves or distressing your jeans. Handy if there's something you are going to throw out which could become a completely new piece of clothing with a few tweaks.

7. Accessorize
Last but not least, don't forget the accessories, again sounds obvious but it's surprising how your clothes can look totally different with belts, jewellery, even hair and make-up. Plus if you are on a budget it's much cheaper to buy small bits and bobs and still feel like you're wearing something new.

Faye x


Sequins + Leather

(Well. fake leather)

Jacket Internacionale
Shirt Uniqlo
Skirt Ted Baker
Boots H&M

A moody outfit of the day with the most delighful background. All of the amazing scenic views in Dubai and I've chosed an inconspicuously stained wall, but ya know, I'm keeping it real. I had a day off on Thursday so I took a stroll down to the beach, sunbathed, listened to This American Life and jumped in the waves like a puppy. 

I also had a bloody lovely sandwich at Saladicious, roasted veg and haloumi with pesto - would totes recommend if you're in the Dubai area (there are branches all over town! N.B this is not an advert for Saladicious.)

I hope y'all are having a relaxing Sunday.

Faye x


Three New Brilliant Beauty Buys

1. Make up Forever HD Foundation
I bought this in Sephora on a whim, I needed a new foundation as my beloved Clinique was a shade too light for my slightly tanned Dubai skin.  I had read reviews so knew it was highly recommend, and I wasn't disappointed, it's the best! Such a great build-able, dewy coverage that fits my skin tone perfectly. NB: Does it annoy/disgust anyone else when make up counter ladies put lipgloss on you, when it's clearly been used on everyone else? No, just me?

2. Sisley Lipliner in Chocolat
I only just checked the name of this lipliner and I like it even more now it has a French name. The perfect, dare I say it, Kylie Jenner lip colour. As it's a pencil it's a tiny bit drying so I just make sure I exfoliate and apply copious amounts of lip balm before using.

3. Clinique All About Eyes De-Puffing Eye Massage Roll-On
A bloody long name but an excellent product. This has a rollerball that feels instantly cooling on the skin and provides long lasting moisture - I've seen significantly less under-eye concealer crease-age with this wonder product.

Give them a try- and let me know if you're a fan!

                                                                                 Faye x

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