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OOTD // The most comfortable outfit ever

Top Primark
Culottes Primark
Tights ASOS
Shoes Primark

When I bought these trousers in Primark, they were full length, however I quickly got bored of that so hacked off the ends and made some lovely high-waisted, man-repelling culottes. Then, about 2 weeks later I found this matching top, also in Primark, popped them on together and made a lovely man repelling outfit! Let me tell you though, this is beyond comfy whilst still looking reasonably put together so I think we'd all agree I've had the last laugh. 

This outfit is a triple whammy, because these shoes are also Primark's finest. They aren't really something I would usually go for but something about their slight Miu Miu inspired ballet-ness made me need them on my feet. 

One downside to this outfit is that it isn't at all appropriate for the bleak midwinter - who knew? The soles on the shoes are so thin it was like walking directly on a frozen lake. When will I learn eh? WHAT AM I LIKE? Bloody mental. *Insert generic quote about suffering for fashion*


OOTD // Pink, Fluffy and Floral

Jumper H&M
Skirt Primark
Boots ASOS

Happy January! This jumper makes me feel the most snug. I think it's the way it's too long for my arms. Pairing this jumper and skirt together, along with the choker and MAC Velvet Teddy makes me feel very 90s. All I'm missing is a floppy Blossom-style hat. Although that accessory was before even my ancient time - I remember them being in the fashion atmosphere but I was about 6 so was more into my Shaun the Sheep backpack and wooden briefcase full of wicked art supplies. Who else had one of those? 

These boots are my new fave - they remind me of these Coach beauties with a hint of my dream Louis Vuittons . As I'm not a millionaire they do just fine - tres comfy as well, clap clap for you ASOS!


16 things I loved about 2016

Oh 2016, you weren't all plain sailing were you! It's been a tumultuous year around the world, but for me, it's been a good one. It's become a little tradition on my blog to list my favourite moments, big and small, so here are some of my personal highlights. . 

1. I got married. No biggie! It was magical and I wish I could do it all over again.

2. My husband and I went on the most amazing honeymoon - I got to visit New York , a place I've wanted to go to in forever, and Hawaii, which has always been top of Rich's list.

3. My sister had a baby boy who is THE cutest (no bias, 100% fact), chubbiest little squidge ever. We celebrated his safe arrival with champagne, cider and tears and it was such a lovely evening. He's on my Instagram if you want to take a peek!

4. It was a great year for babies in general - my brother and sister in law had a lovely little piglet too, as did two of my friends. Another one of my pals is due next year - how exciting!

5. I went in a helicopter for the first time, over an active volcano no less, which was mostly fun and only 1% scary.

6. I started volunteering weekly with the Guiding Association, helping out with my local Brownie and Guide units. The girls are funny, cute and interesting and I get to indulge my love of craft for free! It is such a rewarding experience. This what happened when we mixed guides & glitter. Clearing up that night was fun...

7. I had my Instagram photo re-grammed by Primark which was quite a big deal to little old me!

8. Moving back to Bristol, I've become much more involved in the Bristol blogging scene, attending events and making new blogging pals! I hope this continues in 2017.

9. I visited Stockholm and it was the perfect city break.

10. My sisters, best friends and I went to Newcastle to celebrate my hen do. I was dressed up as Michael Jackson and we learned the dance to thriller, there was a Faye based pub quiz with 4 rounds about me (sounds incredibly narcissistic but it was hilaire) and I laughed until I shook silently (which is mine and my friend Vikki's signature move). It was the most fun.

11. I started driving lessons. As a person with zero spacial awareness (I frequently walk into my kitchen table) and a sense of direction so poor I have convinced my husband I have a genuine condition, this is a big thing for me! There have been tears but I feel like I'm making progress. Fingers crossed!

12. My friend Lauren, who knows ALL the good restaurants, took me to Cookies and Scream which is a vegan bakery in London and I had the best cookie pie concoction known to man, vegan or non-vegan. She also took me to Bone Daddies to have my first Ramen.

13. I turned the big 3-0! I was debating having a big party but something about having my hen do and wedding in the same year put me off! I ended up celebrating in a few different low key ways - a hotel/spa day with Rich, a night out with one of my closest pals and a lovely afternoon tea/pampering day then out out, organised by another two of my besties.

14. I went to see two of my favourite comedians, Elis James and John Robins, who went on tour with a live version of their podcast. I was in fits and it was one of my favourite nights of the year.

15. Rich and I spent a day in Legoland with my sister in law and her family to celebrate our nephew's 6th birthday. As we were leaving our nephew ran back to give us one last hug. It made my heart ache -  I bloody love those little rascals!

16. Last but not least, 2016 was the year I went big on the Espresso Martini. It is the drink of queens.

Pics all from Snapchat (iwishicouldwink)!


OOTD // The Orange Jumper I Can't Take Off

Jumper New Look
Jeans H&M

I've worn this jumper a heck of a lot since I bought it 2 weeks ago from New Look. It goes with everything, I love the colour and it was only £9.99. I've also been embracing my converse a lot more recently, they're a good shoe to pair with a tight as they are black (I still think white trainers and tights look weird) and I like to think they are waterproof even though they aren't so that's a plus. 

Are any shoes actually waterproof? Apart from like really expensive boots that I definitely don't own. Whenever it rains I always just assume it will be fine and crack out the loafers or similar, which are filled with water within about 2 minutes of walking to the bus stop. It doesn't stop me though as I just do it again next time it rains. Why? Just me? 

Took these pics whilst on a little wander around Bristol with my pal Rosie - the city does have a lot of fun graffiti about. It stank of wee in this alley though. Nice.