My Wedding Notebook #2: Choosing a venue

When I said to my boyfriend that I was going to write a blog post about tips on finding a wedding venue he said 'but didn't you just choose the first one you saw' which just proves how much he listens to me when talking about important wedding issues (I saw 6). Here are some things to consider when you start what will probably be the first exciting  bit of planning - eee! 

1. Basic Numbers
Think about things like how many people you will be inviting (day and night), how easily accessible you need the venue to be for out of towners, guests with children/disabilities/the elderly, parking availability etc., and of course, a rough budget on how much you want to spend. There's no point falling in love with somewhere and then finding out it only holds 60 people when you've got a 100 strong guest list!

2. Make or break list
Have a think about what you definitely do and do not want - deal breakers. For example - is it crucial that you can bring in your own caterer? Do you want a venue which has availability for guests to stay in overnight? Even small things count - I had a real thing for carpets when I went to find a venue. It sounds weird but it felt like an indication of the place - if the carpets were really old fashioned and looked like they belonged in an out of date hotel it really put me off! However, prepare to be a little flexible - don't completely dismiss somewhere because it doesn't have every tiny detail you dreamed off. It's likely that place doesn't actually exist. 

3. Your venue entourage
Consider bringing along someone other than your fiancĂ© when you go looking. I didn't really have a choice as mine lived in Dubai at the time and as I really wanted to get the venue sorted before I joined him, I took my mum and sister. I'm actually really glad, we had such a nice time and I feel like my mum thought of a lot of questions that I or my fiancĂ© would probably not have considered. Good old mums! 

4. Hidden Costs
If a deal seems too good to be true it usually is, and some venues don't include things like tableware, a cake knife, a wedding co-ordinator etc. in their prices - little details that can really add up both financially and stress wise. Ask if absolutely everything is included in the quote they give you. Remember you can always try and save money by having your wedding on a weekday or at a less in demand time of year if you've got your heart set on somewhere slightly out of your budget range. 

5. Timing is important
If you can. visit the venue around the same time you want to get married. This means you'll really see the venue as it will be on your wedding day. Obviously you can't guarantee the weather but you can get an idea of how hot/cold it will be, plus see which flowers will be in bloom, what the lighting will be like etc.

6. Organisation is key
Be prepared - take a notebook and pen, make sure your phone has battery to take photos, research the venue beforehand, have a look at previous weddings that were held there. Some venues even have a blog which is a great way to see how other couples have decorated the place and might inspire ideas or questions you want to ask. 

7. Trust your insticts
In most places you just get a vibe - a gut feeling that tells you if you can imagine yourself getting married there. It's there for a reason so don't ignore it! If you're really torn between two venues, try tossing a coin and see what your first reaction is when it lands. If you feel disappointed, then you know you want the other choice! Finally, keep things in perspective. Of course you want your wedding day to be amazing but it is just one day - try not to get too carried away with things you don't need just because they look nice in the brochure. 

I hoped these helped - thanks for reading and happy wedding planning! 

Faye x


Inspiration #8 The white lace dress

Lately I've really been craving a white, lace dress. It's the Chloe effect - ever since those dreamy crocheted numbers came floating down the SS15 catwalk I've been obsessed. So easy just to throw on with a pair of sandals, boots, wedges, trainers...the possibilities are endless! 

Faye x


The bag charm made of cuteness

I went to the mall this weekend to buy some new sunglasses as mine had sadly broken (3rd pair in as many months!) I was buying some in H&M when I spotted this bag charm by the till and I knew it had to be mine as I love anything fluffy and have done since the soft toy collection of my youth. I think it looks super cute on my satchel. Oh it brings me so much joy. Turns out my boyfriend could fix my old sunglasses for me so we didn't really need to go to the mall in the end. I said this to him and he said it was worth it though because I got 'the bag puff'. I absolutely cracked up. bag puff! 

Faye x


OOTD // Vintage Denim

Shirt Vintage
Shorts Vintage
Bralet Primark
Shoes Primark

 I remember when I went travelling in 2010 with one of my friends who is well into photography, she always used to talk about how much she loved the light as the sun was going down. Now that I take (well my ever suffering boyfriend takes) photos for my blog, I totally know what she means. Everything looks soft and glow-y. This week has once again mainly consisted of binge watching TV programmes - this week I've been revisiting An Idiot Abroad. I would love to hang out with Karl Pilkington for the day - I think my sides would split from laughing so much. I also watched a Backstreet Boys documentary which gave me much nostalgic joy - the highlight was finding out that Kevin used to work at Disneyland as Aladdin. 

Thanks for reading!

Faye x


6 Favourite Lip Colours

I've been getting into wearing colour on my lips a lot recently. Mainly in the evening as wearing too much make up in the day right now just melts straight off! Here are the 6 colours I've been loving...

No.7 Gay Geranium
Probably fave amongst the bunch, I'm always banging on about this shade (you can see it on the lips in this post) as it's such a bright, popping almost neon red. Love.

Sleek Mulberry
Mulberry is a dark purple-y shade that almost looks black on the lips (see here). It looks so nice paired with gold-ish eye make-up. That may sound like a hideous combo but it works, promise! 

MAC Russian Red
A classic shade - I'm sure you've heard this raved about numerous times on blogs, so I won't harp on about it, just know that it is worth the hype!

Sephora Nude Beige
I picked up this lip pencil on a whim in Sephora last month. It's such a nice brown-y nude, the classic your lips but better shade. Only downside is it's pretty drying cos it's a pencil so make sure lips are prepped with plenty of lipbalm.

No. 7 Berry
This fat pencil is so easy to apply - you can do it without a mirror, and it's really creamy and moisturising. 

Sisley Chocolat
Last but not least is this amazing 90s brown - how Spice Girls era Victoria Beckham (I liked her much better then. On a side note, SpiceWorld is an excellent film that does not get enough credit. Very amusant in places.) This colour is so flattering and looks good even with minimal make-up.

What are your favourite lip shades?

Faye x


OOTD // Standing on the dock of the bay


Jacket Internacionale
Shirt Zara
Shorts Internacionale
Trainers Topshop
Bag &Other Stories 

Back in one of my fave spots in Dubai and the turtles all came out specially to greet me - how thoughtful. I've been doing a lot of staying in recently due to attempting to save money, which means fewer takeaways (they'll literally deliver a chocolate bar to your door in Dubai) and more exercising. I'm on day 24 of Yoga with Adriene's 30 Days of Yoga Challenge and I've been going to the gym too. Due to my valiant efforts I've decided that I'm allowed one treat a week and this week I sampled Coldstone Creamery in Mall of the Emirates - they chuck the ice cream about and all sorts. I had a chocolate sprinkle waffle cone bowl with one scoop of mint and one scoop of cake batter and it was massive! I don't usually let food beat me but I had to admit defeat with this one - it was every bit as delicious as it sounds though :) 

Faye x 


Shoe Wishlist

Shoe Wishlist

1. These floral Steve Madden sandals are so cool, I love the jungle-esque print and the zip like bottoms. These would look banging with a plain outfit, or equally good with a simple pattern, like a striped dress

2. Espadrilles have been catching my eye more and more, and I love that these Pavement pair bear more than a passing resemblence to a certain designer pair... plus I might be able to convince myself I'm Alexa Chung in the South of France, if I squint in the mirror a bit a lot. 

3. I have always been and will prob always be a stickler for glitter and sparkle. These cute KG by Kurt Geiger chealsea boots remind me of Saint Laurent Paris and would add the right touch of daytime sparkle to one's outfit.

4. A bit of snakeskin is always welcomed in my world, and I like how these Post Mistress sandals are simple but fun. Plus the heel height isn't scary so they could be worn for work or out of the town on the weekend (apparently I've started talking like someone's mum).

5. I really do heart a good skater shoe and I also heart leopard print, so these Steve Madden shoes were always going to be winner for me. They look super comfy too. 

All the shoes in this wishlist were discovered via Footmaller, a treasure trove of footwear from heels and sandals to ballet flats and trainers. If you're searching for a particular style/brand/pricepoint/colour, they've basically done all the hard work for you and you'll find a range of options from loads of different sites. Once you've found the object of your desire, you simply click though to the relevant website and run to that checkout. I love sites like this, and they're especially handy if you need to buy something in bulk e.g. bridesmaids shoes (which I will be soon eeee) as you can narrow down your options so specifically. They also handily tell you which shoes are on sale - win win! 

Faye x

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