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OOTD // Pastel houses and checks

Coat New Look
Dress COS
Boots ASOS

Five thoughts I had whilst wearing this oufit:

1. These boots deffo used to be tighter round the old legs...I hope they aren't slowly dying. Can you do anything about slouchy boots that used to not slouch? I don't wear them THAT often but I like to have the option ya know?

2. I wonder if the people in these houses have a stream of Bristol based bloggers descending on their streets and taking photos of themselves? They're probs all looking out and laughing/shaking their heads/wondering wtf is going on.

3. This coat is an OLDIE (I'm talking about 9 years) but a goodie. I've contemplated chucking it out about 5 times but it always claws it's way back in to my wardrobe. 

4. I really do use this furry bag way too much but I love it so much I can't stop. The lining is broken now too so it's a fun game trying to retrieve whatever falls down the sides of the bag. Usually my keys. 

5. Why doesn't everyone paint their houses in aesthetically pleasing pastel shades? It really would help a girl out. 


Rainbow jumper and new year's resolutions

I have never been a huge lover of Christmas. I like it as much as the next person but I don't froth at the mouth at the thought of tinsel, you can shove your red cups where the sun don't shine and I can't STAND most Christmas songs. New Year however, I do enjoy. I know it's just another month and it's not really a fresh start, yada yada yada, but I like it and I won't be bullied into thinking otherwise. Ha. 

I've been listening to the Smart Twenties podcast (even though I'm out of my twenties I know right you'd never guess OMG what are your secrets) and Sam has been inspiring me to get my life organised and set goals. I bought myself a Bullet Journal in October, which I love, and I've been finding lists, goals and doodles so much fun. 

I love reading New Year's Resolutions so thought I would share mine (partly because if I put them on the internet I'm even more accountable!) 

1. Try at least 3 DIYs from my Pinterest board

I find things online and I think ooo how fun and original I love a DIY and I pin it with gusto. Then I forget all about it and buy another set of Primark pom pom fairy lights. Well it stops this year friends! I WILL make at least 3 DIYs from my Pinterest board. And I will post them on my Instagram with pride.  

2. Complete new 30 days of yoga from Yoga with Adriene, then yoga at least 3x a week

I have majorly fallen off the bandwagon with yoga this year. What better time to begin again that with Adrienne's 30 days of yoga series, and my brand new yoga mat which has palm print on. Sorry wot? If you do click on the previous yoga mat link and see the very bendy women within its pages - that will be me on December 31st 2018. 

3. Read 30 books

Last year I read 25 books, and I was pretty darn pleased with myself. This year I have aimed for 30, and I've created a fun checklist e.g. a book with a one word title, a graphic novel, a book that's more than 500 pages, and so on and so forth. I've written the list in my BuJo (that's what people call Bullet Journals, isn't it grim) and I like to log my books in GoodReads, where I also sometimes leave mini reviews. 

4. Go to a calligraphy class

This is related to my Bullet Journal, and being jealous of everyone else's 'spreads' (pages) with their fancy writing and what not. Plus I love a fountain pen. I had a navy and gold Harry Potter one at senior school, it was rad. 

Jumper Missguided
Jeans Primark
Shoes Primark

5. Blog at least once a week (This old chestnut, that I promise to myself every year)

Oh blogging what are you like. Are you even relevant any more? Should I be Instagramming only? Who knows. What I do know is I still enjoy blogging, so I'm going carry on doing it, and I'm going to do it more. Probably. 

I'd love to hear about your New Year Resolutions - please tell me in the comments!

Faye x


A winter OOTD and stories about competitions

I don't know why, but I seem to be a lucky old lad when it comes to entering competitions. Just the other day I won an organic veg box. Here is the story of some other competitions I have won. 

1. When I was 10 I won a £10 voucher in a colouring competition at Debenhams. I thought all my Christmasses had come at once tbh. I dragged my mum round Debenhams for about 2 hours before finally choosing an Adidas cap which I never wore. Good times. 

2. When I was 13 I won a Warren Stacey CD and T-shirt. What do you mean you don't know who he was? Only one of Pop Idol's original rejects, thanks very much! I think I won this because I was the only person to enter. When it came in the post, it had a tiny black hair in it and my and my friend freaked out because we thought it might be Warren Stacey's actual hair. Heavens above.

3. When I was 23 I won a £500 Harvey Nichols voucher. I decided to sell it on eBay to fund a trip to Benicassim (the music festival), as I had gone the previous year and had a great time. This year however... WELL. Firstly, the ticket I bought on Gumtree was fake so they wouldn't let me in. Who would have thought a ticket bought from a random guy on Gumtree would be fake eh? The mind boggles. Luckily I was able to buy one from a girl who had decided the festival wasn't for her (smart girl) so we pitched our tent and started having a jolly old time. The next evening, there was what I can only describe as a mild hurricane which came from nowhere and resulted in most of the bands cancelling. We were pretty smashed so took it a lot less seriously than we should have, and spent most of the time wandering around pretending to be Michael Jackson in Earth Song whilst getting red dust in our eyes.We woke up the next day to find a pole had collapsed mere inches away from our heads. Such fun. We also got pretty badly sunburned, my friend sprained her ankle and my neon pink nail polish exploded in my bag, covering all of my clothes.

Dress Marks and Spencer (via a charity shop)
Jumper Zara
Boots & Other Stories
Bag Zara

4. More recently, I've won beauty bits from two blogging competitions (one from Estee Lalonde), a print from an Instagram competition and a prize in a photography competition. 

The moral of this story, reader, is that if you win a Harvey Nichols voucher, spend it on a bag or something.


A festive visit to Bristol Harbour Hotel

The first thing you should know about Bristol Harbour Hotel is that it smells amazing - a mix of spa-ey goodness, Christmas trees and just general indulgence. With my breath freezing in the plummeting November temperatures (they sprang out of nowhere), stepping into the warm, cosiness was even more welcome.

Situated in Corn Street, the building used to be two banks (Fun fact - I opened by first bank account in the Lloyds!) but has now been restored as a luxury hotel and spa. I visited alongside some of my fellow bloggers for an evening of spa chat, treats and decadent cocktails.

The spa is situated downstairs, and has a really snug feeling, with brickwork, low ceilings and snaking corridors. I love that they have kept little nods to the banking history - with safes and vaults popping up, it's a bit like Gringotts!

The relaxation pool was surrounded by what I can only describe as a giant sofa with cushions everywhere - after a long day at work, the resist to jump in and assume the foetal position was real!

I was treated to a mini arm and hand massage, which was soothing and vert welcome after typing at a desk all day. The spa use ESPA treatments products, with different blends of essential oils depending on your mood.

After some delectable canapes (mushrooms in mini filo pastry cases where have you been all my life?) and my first Christmas cocktail of the festive season, we were given a goody bag with an invitation to come and enjoy the spa facilities at a later date. Massive sofa - I'm coming for you!

Find the spa treatments here, and gift vouchers here. Perfect for Christmas!