I Wish Wednesday // DylanLex

I've been a fan for a long time, but the obsession with these DylanLex necklaces has recently hit its peak since I discovered their website. I don't even really wear silver jewellery, but would deffo make an exception for any of these beauts. However, seeing as they start at $450, I don't think I'll be getting one any time soon - le sob. 

What are your thoughts - yay or nay?

Faye x


An evening with Homesense

On Thursday evening, my mum and I headed to Homesense for a blogger event. Drink and nibbles in hand, we browsed the aisles to check out the winter delights on offer. My mum has been a long time fan of the store and I do tag along ocasionally, but around this time of year I think it really comes into its own. Whilst I don't like the c-word (no not THAT one, roger rudemouth!) before December I have to say, the present opportunities are SO GOOD.  So, whilst it is only November and this goes against my beliefs, here are some present ideas - you really can get presents for everyone in your life!- 

                                                                    Hair & Beauty Obsessives

I think the beauty section in Homesense is such a hidden gem. There are treats galore, from bath soaks and hand creams to make-up brushes and nail kits. With Homesense being the same company as TK MAXX, you will find luxury high end brands like Cowshed and Bliss along with high street brands like Real Techniques and Models Own. They also have lovely gift sets that would cost twice the price from department stores, plus enough candles to fill your entire bedroom (a blogger's dream!) as well as cosy pyjamas, men's watches and grooming sets and acrylic make up storage. 

Book Lovers

Shelves of non-fiction books from cookery and fashion to art and music will excite anyone who loves a good read. I personally love the colouring books - very popular right now and they do look like a lovely way to spend an hour. 

Home birds

LOVE these bookends oh so much

For anyone who is furnishing their own home you can find lovely little knick knacks including lush faux fur throws, pretty mirrors, prints and cool decor pieces. We're currently converting my (soon to be) old bedroom into a little living room for when my boyfriend comes to live with us, so I've got my eye on a lot of bits and bobs to get. You can find some cool, unique things and it's really fun to rummage around as well!

Kids (and big kids!)

For any little ones in your life there are sweets and treats galore -  gumballs, jelly beans, chocolates, fudge, sweets... it's pretty much Charlie's chocolate factory. They also sell toys and books plus things kids tend to love like cute stationery and phone cases (they had some by Kate Spade that were lovely too). Plus, if you want to go all out this year - why not pick up a full size unicorn?!? 

Last but not least, I was so tempted to pick up this handy bell - ideal for summoning your mum when you need a drink. Haha! 

Faye x

P.S Although Homesense kindly hosted this event this post isn't sponsored - I just think Homesense is great!


3 Winter Wishes from Mary Jane Fashion

Planning your winter wishlist? This guest post from Elizabeth at Mary Jane Fashion will enable  your fantasy fashion dreams...

Christmas is still a little way off, so it’s probably still too soon to start thinking about presents and wishlists. We are, however, entering into the throes of winter and there’s nothing wrong with fantasising about wonderful sartorial goodies when we’re battling our way through wind, rain and all other sorts of meteorological obstacles. If our commutes to work, university, college or school are made a little bit brighter by the thoughts of gorgeous clothes and accessories, then who can blame us? Were we to be granted three fashionable wishes, like in the fairytales of old, here are the three pieces from the new season that we’d definitely ask for:

1)      Miu Miu coats

Tweed is a solid, investment texture that has long been associated with heritage brands like Chanel and Burberry. This season, however, tweed was given a modern update at the Miu Miu runway, with Miuccia Prada’s models walking down the runway in an array of colourful tweed coats. Maintaining a traditional cut straight from the sixties, the coats captured the irreverence and fun of the Miu Miu girl thanks to their popping hues. Additionally, Prada threw some python skin, leopard print and giraffe print coats into the mixture, which, again, come in an array of colours like blue, green, orange and yellow so that no look appeared the same. Decorous and charming, these coats would make great additions to our own wardrobes.

2)      Balmain x H&M party dress

Every girl deserves a stunning party dress no matter the time of year and where better to look than at Balmain? It’s very rare that designer clothing enters into the realm of the high street but recently Olivier Rousteing, collaborated with the high-street giant H&M. There was only one slight problem: hands up anyone else who was confronted by a blank screen when they tried to log onto H&M’s website to sample some of the clothing? We all clambered for the haute-high street collection but, alas, the fashion gods were not smiling kindly down on us and it sold out in a matter of minutes. If we could be granted a wish, we would love this opulent, baroque minidress. This statement dress features intricate brocade embellishments and a rich colour palate of black, white and gold. Luxurious and gorgeous, we wouldn’t need another dress for at least a year!

3)      Dior boots

This season, Raf Simons produced a prim and preppy collection of shirts and kilts that featured plenty of contemporary twists. One of his centrepieces, however, were his second-skin boots: boots with Perspex heels and a texture so figure hugging and shiny that they looked as though they had been lacquered onto the models legs especially. With slick patent patches swirling into contrast matte leather, the boots are weird and wonderful, perfectly offsetting the pretty clothing worn elsewhere on the models (shop similar styles at We’d wear the boots for any occasion: to make a statement at work, for days out with friends or when dressed to the nines at wintry soirees.

*This post was sponsored by Mary Jane Fashion*


Lately #8

1. Got myself this beaut of a mac - I absolutely love it and it gives a grown-up polished finish to an outfit. 

2. My friend Lauren gave me this YSL nail polish (best gift ever) and I think it's such a pretty shade - plus the packaging = *heart eyes emoji*.

3. Completely missed autumn last year because I was in Dubai. and I forgot how delightful all the leaves and colours were.

4. Me and the boyf went for one last brunch before I left the desert - he's still there at the mo and to say I am missing him lots is a bit of an understatement!

1. Double pom-pomming on my birthday - I just CANNOT get enough pom. 

2. How beautiful is this cake my friend Kellie got me on my birthday. I love that green cake plate too, which is my mum's. Mums always have things like nice cake plates and spare candles.

3. Me and my friend Hayley went to Stylist Live and we inadvertently dressed as twins. As my boyfriend pointed out, it looks like we're wearing one big coat!

4. All black OOTD featuring my new favourite dress from Betty Jackson at Debenhams. I have never shopped there before but had a voucher I could only use at Designers at Debenhams so picked it up and I've barely taken it off since. 

Thanks for reading!

Faye x


3 new OPI nail polishes

OPI Do You Lilac It, Uh Oh Roll Down The Window, Kreme De La Kremlin* -

It's no secret that I am a BIG fan of nail polish, so when got in touch asking if I wanted to try a few colours, I don't think I've ever replied to an email more quickly! They stock a huge range of colours from brands like Essie, OPI and China Glaze, have loads of polishes in their clearance section (all of the above shades were from here) and offer free delivery on orders over £15 - what's not to love?

As someone with a substantial collection already, I wanted to choose 3 shades that were unlike anything I had already, and I'm really pleased with each one! They also sent me some nail art tools, a stamping kit and a top/base coat which I can't wait to try. Here's what each one looks like on the nails:

Kreme de la Kremlin

I know OPI are known for their extremely pun-ny names, but can someone please tell me what on earth this means? I think maybe it was part of a special collection. I love this pinky-brown shade, and there seems to be a lot of make-up in this colour family around at the moment. 

Uh Oh Roll Down The Window

Again, I have no idea what this name is referring to - can anyone shed light? I love khaki shades and I definitely don't have anything like this in my collection. I think this would look lush with a gold glitter accent nail too!

Do You Lilac It?

I'm so annoyed this came out so blurry :( I've wanted this pretty, creamy lilac-y purple colour for ages since I saw it on someone's Instagram, so I was hashtag buzzing when it was available. I actually get the pun in the name too - yessss! 

Have you ever tried any of these shades - which is your fave?

Faye x

*PR Samples


The cutest phone case!

Phone Case H&M

Yes I'm 5 years old. But it's glittery and it's got cat ears - obviously the best thing ever. I spied this in H&M this weekend when I was taking some boots back, and I couldn't not get it, especially as it was only £3.99. I also saw a lycra leopard print cat suit as well which I couldn't resist trying on - I'll spare you the pictures but it amused me greatly. I think I'm turning into a cat. Fingers crossed! 

Faye x


My Wedding Notebook #3 // 9 Tips for finding your wedding dress (from the fussiest bride ever!)

image from Wedding Party App

It's taken me about 2 months, but I've finally bought my wedding dress! Being the pickiest bride in the world, I knew it was going to take me a fair bit of searching before I found one I loved, and I was DEFINITELY right. It was a fun process but I did find it difficult to strike the balance between being realistic and being a stroppy bridezilla! If you're also a very fussy bride-to-be, here are my top wedding dress tips (beware - it's long! Who knew I felt so passionately about the subject!)

1. Don't get too hung up on Pinterest 
The fact is that a lot of the dresses you lovingly pin and spend ages swooning over are either a) couture/designer pieces that cost tens of thousands of pounds or b) only available in one boutique which is off the west coast of Madagascar. I was pretty disappointed to find that there was nothing out there like most of the dresses I pinned, and that the majority of bridal shops carry very similar designs, most of which were not what I wanted. A few assistants said 'I can't think of anything else for you' and one even said she was going to re-think her selection for next season! I think this may differ in London, which is why I love it so much, and if you're a picky bride wedding dress shopping in London, I'm incredibly jealous. 

2. Don't believe everything you read 
If most wedding magazines/TV programmes are anything to go by, you will just know when you find 'the one', you'll all be in floods of tears and will skip out of the bridal shop to live happily ever after. Don't get me wrong, I know this can definitely happen and I actually envy people who know exactly what they want and get it. However, this doesn't always happen and I think it's kind of an unrealistic expectation - I get SUPER emotional at weddings and always expected to cry loads when shopping for my dress, but I didn't. And I'm okay with that! 

3. Don't let anyone try and persuade you, but listen to advice
My mum came with me to every dress shop (and there were many!) and whilst I completely trusted her to tell me if a dress totally didn't suit me or made me look bigger than I was, there were plenty of dresses she loved on me but that I knew weren't right. I took on board her comments and advice to an extent, but I knew if I kept looking I would find something we both agreed was beautiful, and we did. My mum kept telling me that in the end, I would have to choose something from the available options, and whilst I didn't want to settle - she was right. I am the sort of person that finds it really hard to make important decisions because I always think there might be something better round the corner, or wonder if I have explored EVERY option, but in the end, I had to realise that I would have been looking forever if I didn't stop somewhere. However, I balanced that advice with making sure I had explored all reasonable options available to me, and I wouldn't have discovered the dress I bought if I had just stopped looking the first time my mum gave me that advice! 

4. Bring people with you that you trust, but perhaps have different opinions
I wish that my sister was able to come to more appointments with my mum and I, as having the input of someone who really knows you but is coming from a more modern mind set (soz mum!) really helps. My mum liked a certain fabric on me (I don't want to give too much away as I know my fiance will read this!) but I wasn't sure, and after my sister agreed that it wasn't for me it made me realise I should go with my gut. Seeking dress shopping advice from friends who are already married (especially if they are from the same area you're dress shopping in) is also invaluable. 

5. Balance practicality with your dream dress
Before I even went shopping I knew I would have expensive taste! One dress I tried on that I fell in love with was way over my price range and whilst I uhmmed and ahhhed over whether we could move the budget about to afford it, ultimately I thought it was silly to go over budget for one dress for one day.That's my personal opinion, and I know some people might think the opposite! When I couldn't choose between two final dresses - one of which was in the sample sale and pretty much half the price of the other - part of what helped me decide was thinking 'if I do like them equally, is dress A really £XX times better than dress B'? 

6. If you can't take pics, look online
A lot of boutiques don't allow photography, which is frustrating. However, they will write the name of the dress down for you and you can Google it when you get home. It sounds a bit obvious but I found this really helped when deciding as often the sample sizes in the shop are too big/small and you can only really 'envision' what they will look like, especially if you have no photos of yourself to reference. When you Google you can see where a dress is supposed to sit when it fits correctly or see it on real life brides and this can totally change your opinion. 

7. It's a big cliché, but try on dresses you might not think you'll like
EVERYONE says you'll end up getting a dress you never thought you'd like. This has been true for a lot of my married friends and it was true for me! The dress I ended up with was in the sample sale and was suggested by the sales assistant - I never would have looked twice at it. Also, don't forget that you can add things, take things away etc. there are many possibilities if you love it apart from one niggly detail!

8. Explore different avenues
If you're struggling to find something you like in traditional boutiques, there are other options. ASOS, Net-a-Porter, J.Crew, BHLDN, Etsy and Monsoon (to name a few) all have selections that are a bit 'different' from the norm. You might find something that's not a traditional dress but could certainly look just as nice on your wedding day. There are also second hand shops like Preloved or StillWhite, especially helpful if you fall in love with an over-budget dress in a boutique - you never know if it will crop up! 

9. Don't get disheartened! 
 I think if you have a vision in your mind and nothing is matching up you can start feeling a bit meh about the whole thing. I've seen brides come in shops I've been in, try on a couple of dresses and pick one simply because it's a big white dress and they look like a bride - I wish I found it that simple! I really, really don't mean this to sound rude or condescending but I think if you are someone who's very picky with the things you wear and like, it's likely you'll be the sort of person who is never 100% sure that the dress you've chosen is completely, no-doubt-in-your-mind the only one for you. If you love a dress, it really suits you and you can envision yourself walking down the aisle in it, then it's pretty-much perfect. Good luck!

Thanks for reading the essay that was this post - I really hope it helps! 

Faye x

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