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OOTD // Heart

Top Zara
Leggings New Look 
Boots Primark
Polo neck Zara

My new fave is to layer tops and things over polo necks - both practical and fun! Plus, easy to remove a layer if it gets too hot - my walk to the bus stop and subsequent wait for the inevitably late bus is freezing, then my office is surprisingly warm for December, then my lunchtime walk the layers come back on...I can't wait until Spring I tells ya. Fashion wise, the in-between season are the best. 

This top I bought from Zara before Christmas as I wanted a graphic style top but I can't buy a rock t-shirt if I don't listen to the band. I just can't. Rich then informed me that Heart are a band...however Ive researched their logo and it's not like this so I think I'm safe.  

This weekend, I've been to Reading to meet up with my uni friends for cocktails, then went shopping today with my friend and was so restrained in Primark I could have given myself a trophy. I caved in Zara and bought a jumper but it's going back as the fit is more soccer mom than effortlessly oversized. There is a fine line, friends, a fine line. 


OOTD // The bright blue coat I found and love

Coat Vintage
Jumper New Look
Skirt H&M
Boots ASOS

Despite looking so miserable poised and effortless in these photos, I was actually feeling very bloated and slightly nauseous. Got to love New Look's £9.99 jumper to skim the stomach when you've had a big lunch. This coat is the actual one, I saw it out of the corner of my eye whilst in a charity shop and it was only £9. I LOVE how bright blue it is.

I took this pics after going to The Ivy with my friend, and I've got to say, I wasn't the biggest fan. As I'm vegetarian, I had eggs benedict which consisted of poached egg, avocado, hollandaise sauce with spinach on an English Muffin. I then had a chocolate bombe which was a hard chocolate shell with ice cream, milk 'foam' and salted caramel sauce. It wasn't that they weren't nice (although I've decided that despite what everyone will have you think, eggs and avocado really aren't that good a combo) I think they were just too rich for me one after another. You've got eggs, hollandaise sauce, avocado, ice cream, milk foam and salted caramel sauce all sloshing about. I felt really quite sick and only had a bowl of kale for dinner.

The decor in The Ivy however was beaut and 100% Instagrammable. I did not take any Instagram photos, cos you know when you're with that friend that shuns most social media and whilst they're probably not judging you for taking pics of everything you still feel in your social media loving heart that they are. It's a tough life.

We are going back in two weeks though as I spied a salted caramel espresso martini on the cocktail menu and despite all of the rambling above, I AM ABOUT THAT LIFE.

P.S. I love the style of these photos big shout out to Rich you excellent husband.


Why I don't get the La La Land hype

I went to watch La La Land last week. After reading a stream of gushing praise and hearing about the multiple Golden Globes it won, I was expecting big things. I was left completely non-plussed - I thought it was a big old bunch of meh... (warning - spoilers!)

1. For a musical, the musical talent is very much lacking. Fair play to R-Gos for learning the piano and all that, pretty impressive. But neither of them are good at singing, and that gets on my nerves. I understand it's supposed to be all real and #relatable, they're just two normal people trying to make it in harsh old Hollywood yeah, but why are you in a musical if you can't sing? All this twee, breathy half singing half speaking I find highly irritating. On the same note, the choreography was super boring and badly executed. 

2. In what I imagine is a very unpopular opinion, I'm just not that keen on Emma Stone. I don't think she's as great as everyone bangs on about. I find her 'goofy', deadpan, I'm-so-knowing, cutesy ways to be tiresome, not adorable. Same with Ryan Gosling tbh - don't get the hype. He's just kind of there, flaring his nostrils.

3. The opening song - what was all that about? It was like watching an episode of Glee. I know it's a film and all but it was painfully obvious that they were miming - it was like the sound didn't match up or something.

4. A thing I did like about the film was the cinematography - the colours and the old school Hollywood style made the film pleasing to the eye and fun to watch. However, the film relied way too heavily on this - the story line was absolutely generic and it was all the epitome of style over substance. This does not a Golden Globe winning film make in my opinion.

5.  I didn't fall in love with the characters at all (I don't usually agree with Hadley Freeman, but I love her talking about Ryan Gosling's character here) - I just didn't really care if they were together or not. They went from being super passionate and in love to just kind of going 'actually shall we just leave it', in the space of about 10 minutes. There was no real reason for them splitting up, it was very unbelievable. 

6. Following on from this, it was very confusing time-wise. One minute you think it's set in the '50s, the next minute you realise it's actually set in the present day (I'm assuming - due to iPhones, the cars etc.) This left many questions unanswered - why did the casting director call Seb and not Mia? How would she even have his mobile number? Why did Mia write her whole play out by hand - did she not have a laptop? 

I just do not get why this film is put on such a pedestal. 

Have you seen La La Land? I would love to hear other thoughts on this below! 


OOTD // The most comfortable outfit ever

Top Primark
Culottes Primark
Tights ASOS
Shoes Primark

When I bought these trousers in Primark, they were full length, however I quickly got bored of that so hacked off the ends and made some lovely high-waisted, man-repelling culottes. Then, about 2 weeks later I found this matching top, also in Primark, popped them on together and made a lovely man repelling outfit! Let me tell you though, this is beyond comfy whilst still looking reasonably put together so I think we'd all agree I've had the last laugh. 

This outfit is a triple whammy, because these shoes are also Primark's finest. They aren't really something I would usually go for but something about their slight Miu Miu inspired ballet-ness made me need them on my feet. 

One downside to this outfit is that it isn't at all appropriate for the bleak midwinter - who knew? The soles on the shoes are so thin it was like walking directly on a frozen lake. When will I learn eh? WHAT AM I LIKE? Bloody mental. *Insert generic quote about suffering for fashion*