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OOTD // Gold Trainers

Dress Primark
Jacket New Look 915
Trainers Office
Earrings H&M

My husb bought these Reebok Classics for me the other day, just for no reason. Yeah he's the best. I love them (and him) very much. 

Whenever I think/talk about loving items of clothing I think about when I used to live in France and we had a family friend who told me once, whilst making rock cakes, that 'you don't love things you only love people'. It kind of blew my tiny 6 year old mind but I remember, even then, thinking she's obvs never seen any of my Sylvanian Families, or Pinky the stuffed pig, or my Shaun the Sheep backpack...

I also love this shirt dress from Primark, it's totes comfy and very breezy for the summer months. Would recommend. 



What's in my ASOS saved items?

I think browsing on ASOS should be considered a full time job, or at least a hobby which one can list on one's CV. 

I'm a tad addicted to that little heart. My usual routine goes like this: add stuff I like to my saved items, then going back to the list on the daily, umm and ahh for about a week before deciding to go for it, then discover it's sold out. The beauty of ASOS though is that things do come back in stock, and if you check often enough you can snap them up the second time! 

Anyway, this is my current lust list (unintentionally pink, monochrome and metallic!)

If someone could buy them all for me please and thanks. 


OOTD // Obnoxious Neon

Cardigan Primark
Shorts Vintage
Sliders Zara

A second outing for my sliders. I wore them to work about a month ago and they cut my feet absolute shreds. I had plasters on them, plus bandages and still the pain was strong - I had to stop myself from screaming all the way to the bus stop. I still love them though. 

My mum and I went to Portishead Lido yesterday, it wasn't the sunniest but the water was warm and a most pleasant time was had by all. Plus the lido itself is painted in bright colours which makes it look retro and very instagrammable. 

Faye x


OOTD // Rainbow Feet

Top Primark
Skirt H&M
Sandals H&M

I love off the shoulder tops, but man the constant riding up situation is hella frustrating! 

These sandals I bought with the intention of pom-pom-ifying them. I did a trial run last week with some glue dots to temporarily see what they would look like. I thought they looked quite cute but my darling hubs said they looked cheap AF, so I'm not sure anymore! I like them as they are anyway too. 

This weekend I went out twice, TWICE can you imagine? The first was Friday night for my friend's birthday, we went to a fun cocktail bar where I had a marshmallow daquiri, it had actual marshmallow piled on top. Like squirty cream but marshmallow, then it was blow-torched to make it like a toasted marshmallow. I wanted to clap the barman tbh. 

On Saturday I went on a hen do, we went on a boat. Both times I wore my new Zara heels and they were ever so comfortable. Hurrah!