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Red was the colour of the summer. I bought not one, not two, but three red dresses this summer. I'm not ready for the summer to end, but also I am. Know what I mean? 

I looooove the long days and would never swap them for horrible dark mornings, but also I am super sick of fake tanning my legs. 

But also I hate tights.

Buuttt I am exciting to wear thick socks and boots with bare legs and ankle length dresses. And I want to wear jumpers again, and not sweat profusely walking anywhere. 

Turns out, I am quite excited for Autumn. 


5 Reasons why you should give Paperless Post a whirl

Let's be honest. when you get to your late 20s/early 30s, your social events go from parties and nights out to baby showers, weddings and many family birthdays. You can't move for occasions that require a card. Not that I'm complaining, as I love a good shindig as much as the next gal, but all them cards sure do add up!

Enter Paperless Post. When they contacted me for a review, I was intrigued as I'd never really considered online cards as a replacement for the real life thing. Well more fool me, as I had a good poke around their website and fell a little bit in love! Here are 5 reasons why...

1. The designs are cute A F! 

Plus, you can customise them with different fonts, colours and messages. I sure wish I had known about Paperless Post when I got married - it would have saved a whole lot of back and forth between an Etsy designer in a different time zone!

2. They have cards for EVERY POSSIBLE OCCASION.

Seriously. From your standard birthday to cocktail parties, game nights, baptisms and good old Thank you notes. A lovely way to send a quick note and wayyyy prettier than a Facebook group. 

3. Good for the environment

I mean, as we know, Climate Change is totally not real *sarcasm klaxon just in case anyone thought this is my actual opinion*, but just in case, sending email-based cards is an excellent way to save the trees.


4. Money and time saving 

On Paperless Post, you load up your account with 'coins', then use these to send your cards. Loading up your account with coins, then using them throughout the year as and when is a top way to save money, and time. No more scrabbling around at the last minute in Paperchase. 

5. They also sell little headed stationery cards...

...which you can personalise. Who doesn't love both stationery, and things with your name on. No-one that's who. 


Fun and Florals in France

Dress ASOS
Espadrilles Pimkie via ASOS
Bag Zara via Depop

This year, my summer holiday was a trip back to Normandie, France, where I lived for a year when I was 6. It will always have a special place in my heart, but to put it kindly, it does NOT have the most hip and happening cultural scene. If you ever (spoiler alert: you won't) find yourself near St Sever in Normandie, France, here are 5 things to do instead of simply sitting around and staring at each other for hours. 

1. Eat ALL of the croissants. In fact, eat all of the baked goods. My mum bought some Madeleines which I had written off throughout my life as boring, dry sponge cakes. Freshly baked, they are tiny ovally shapes of heaven. On that note, try some Calvados - especially if you can get one that was made before WW2. I've never tasted anything so strong and not in a good way - I think I saw a white light. 

2. Visit a 'vide-grenier' - which is French for car boot. Much like the UK, it's mostly tat, but you can find one or two gems, especially if you're into ceramics. You can also potter about the relevant quaint villages, which are always so well kept they put England to shame. Gaze at the floral arrangements and clean streets, pick up a baguette, try a sausage cooked outside someone's house (Rich's was pink inside but hey, he survived).

3. Marvel at how there is no-one around for miles and miles. You could probably walk naked along the road and not pass a car for half an hour. In fact, if you like walking in general, you will be in your element. 

4. Wait until it's dark and look at the stars. I didn't stay up long enough this holiday to do this, because hashtag I'm 30 now but if a clear night + no lights around for miles = excellent star spotting potential. 

5. Take a trip to Granville and visit the Christian Dior museum. It's small and cute and well worth a visit, as are the pretty gardens which surround it. 

France I do love you. 


5 thoughts I had about this Topshop dress

 Dress Topshop (similar shape here)
Shoes Pimkie via ASOS (similar here)

Here are 5 thoughts I have had about this here Topshop dress

1. I saw this dress on the Topshop site. I wanted it. My friend Lauren was wearing it one weekend. I wanted it more. They had sold out on my size the website (story of my shopping life). I took a chance and bought the size up. Happy ending alert - it was a bit baggy but mostly fine. And I can cinch things in with the handy bow/belt. 

 2. I tried it on at home. Is it a bit gappy? Is it FLAPPING ABOUT? Is it too ruffled I wondered. Sure, ruffles are a THING atm, but is it too ruffled? There's a fine line between cute and tragic 80s. I debated with my friends via our whatsapp group, and we decided it was a good amount of rufflage. We decided the flappiness was acceptable.

3. It's not the most flattering of cuts is it? Surprising, as most wrap dresses are - just ask Gok Wan. I think it's the aforementioned ruffles - they make me look a bit kind of bunchy, ya know? A lot of fabric in the middle. On the plus side, it makes me want to hold a bunch of sunflowers and look whimsical.

4. As per my previous blog post re: being a scruff, this dress needs a good old iron. Seeing as I don't own an iron (something I have discovered that, post asking some of my friends  some extensive research, is common amongst us MILLENNIALS) there's not much I can do about that. 

5. This dress looks excellent with red accents and also I love these wedges. So much. And the bag is a delight too, even though I got black eye make up all over it after its first outing which I cannot remove for love nor money. Anyone have any handy tips on how to get marks out of straw?