A Wishlist Full of Glitter and Sparkles

November Wishlist

When I made this wishlist I didn't mean for it to be so full of shiny things until I saw them all laid out together. Being cool and nonchalant is all well and good until sparkly things appear, and then I become a crazy-eyed magpie and want to roll around in all of the glitter.

 But how cute would this Miss Selfridge skirt be with this jumper from Finds? (which btw is a really cute brand with amazing bags and watches). These two pairs of shoes are both from Boden, a place I'd not have looked before - I blame Ella from Coco's Tea Party, who not only sparked my love for said shoes, but also pointed me in the direction of the skirt. She basically enabled this wishlist. To top off the sparkle fest is this nail polish from Topshop, which is a 'matte metallic' shade - this alone blows my mind. The white T-shirt is because I really want a white v-neck T-shirt .

I think this wishlist may be subconsciously festive season-inspired, which is odd as I'm definitely not one of those people who watches Elf in October and goes batshit crazy at the sight of a Starbucks red cup. I normally start thinking of Christmas on around the 18th December when I realise I've done no Christmas shopping. Maybe it's being away from home in a foreign, hot land but I do actually miss feeling a bit Christmas-sy even though it's still only November and I would never even entertain the thought so early. Or maybe I just really like glitter. 

Faye x


A Monochrome Special

Dress H&M
Boots H&M (similar)
Jacket Internacionale

Passion fruit aftermath 

This dress was a recent purchase, and it's handy just to chuck on, especially when you're going for an all you can eat buffet and you need something that's not going to in any way stop you from eating until you want to keel over. Or, for less specific situations, when you need an easy dress that will look smart or casual depending on your accessories. Our friend from London has been in Dubai this past week (Hi Katherine!) and we went to said buffet on Monday night. I had about 6 courses, including one solely dedicated to passion fruits, because I love them that much.

I haven't posted for a week (I'm sure you've all noticed) as it's been pretty cray at work, we had a big event last week involving a fashion designer from the UK, which was cool but very tiring. I have discovered that Make Up Forever HD Foundation is bloody good. More on that soon.

Faye x

P.S. Only gone and got myself a new camera! She's a Canon EOS 1200D and I love her.


OOTD: Something Borrowed

T-shirt Boyf's
Trousers Zara
Shoes Topshop

Don't you hate it when your fringe goes all seperate-y? The amount of times I've told my boyfriend to be on seperate-y fringe duty. Emoji face with the lines for eyes and mouth. 

This is becoming my fave location for outfit shots. I like the light. In other news, I have been really missing all my nail polishes. What was I thinking when I didn't bring gold glitter out with me? The mind boggles. 

Faye x


November Lust List

1. These Nails:
Because y'know, they're AMAZING.

2. This T-Shirt:
Because I can speak a bit of French and obviously everyone needs to know.

3. This Outfit:
Because I basically want to be Blair from Atlantic-Pacific.

4. This Doormat:
Because, Mean Girls. 

5. These Heels:
Because all my shoes are in the UK and I really miss them :(

What are you lusting after in November?

Faye x



I love Halloween, which is kind of weird as I am a total scaredy-cat when it comes to horror films - I can barely watch Casper. This year, we went to a house party followed by Cirque De Soir, and I wasn't planning on wearing a costume as it was all a bit last minute.

However, not one to shy away from a good dressing up opportunity, I had a look through my wardobe and found I had the perfect Wednesday Addams outfit! I don't actually know what shoes she wears but I could totes imagine her rocking these chunky boots. 

Excuse the miss-matched hairbands! 

My boyf is dressed as Pudsley, he has my jumper on and one of my crop tops underneath - haha! 

I love a good white shirt under a dress anyway, so to be honest I would prob wear this outfit again, minus the pigtails, dark lipstick and surly expression. I actually even quite like the pigtails, I've been wanting to try them since I saw Alexa Chung at the Topshop Unique show sporting the 'do. Thoughts? Cute or cringe? 

Faye x


My Last Five Buys

I got this idea from Georgie at Bean's Beauty Blog - definitely go and check her out, she has a great blog with lovely wishlists, reviews, blogging tips etc.

So here are the last 5 things I purchased. Fashion and beauty related that is, or this post would just be a mixture of apples, metro tickets and a set of kitchen scales.

1. Black H&M Raffia Clutch
I went to a boat party recently for my boyfriend's birthday and I needed a black clutch to go with my outfit. This H&M one was perfect for the occasion, I like the beach-y, rustic-ness of the the raffia, and it's a nice size.

2. Miss Selfridge Kimono 
I bought this to also wear at said boat party. This was in the sale so was quite the bargin. I feel like the Miss Selfridge here is little hidden gem - they always seem to have a sale on and the shop is in the Marina Mall which is so much smaller and less busy than Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. It's my favourite one fo' sho'.

3. Freedom at Topshop Double Pearl Earrings 
I've been a bit obsessed with double pearl earrings ever since they were on the catwalk at Dior. I was looking out for these Topshop ones for ages, and when they got them in I snapped them up. To be honest I'm a bit disappointed, as I thought they would make a bigger impact. Maybe I just need some with a bigger pearl at the back. The search continues.

4. Sisley Lip Gloss
Technically I didn't buy this but was given it as a birthday gift from a lovely girl at work. However I'm putting it in cos it's new and I love it. I'm totally not a lip gloss kinda girl normally, but this has great colour pay-off on it's own or layered over lipstick, and it doesn't feel sticky. Plus it's a lovely berry colour. Win. 

5. Forever 21 Sunglasses
My beloved Topshop sunglasses broke so I had to get some new ones. I like that these are kind of cat-eye as I think the shape suits my round face.

What have you been buying lately?

Faye x


OOTD: Triple Blue

Shirt H&M
Shorts Vintage
Shirt Vintage
Trainers Nike Flex Experience Rn 2

 On Friday morning, we took a little stroll down to JBR walk to try out a new cafe that's just opened. This is probs the most casual I have ever dressed in Dubai, I felt much more like myself! I'm not used to being groomed for every possible ocassion. Dishevelled for life. JBR walk is right on the beach and is quite casual, so I didn't feel massively underdressed like usual. It's actually one of my favourite places to go in Dubai as it's got a chilled ambience and cute cafes. It makes me feel like I'm on holiday.

Onto the food. We ate chez Le Paradis de Fruits, a new french style cafe -  I had the scrambled eggs with herbs, 'carpaccio de fruits' and a peach, raspberry and kiwi smoothie.

The scrambled egg was legit the best I've ever eaten. I don't know what they put in there but momma that shit was good. The smoothie was also delicious, as you can see from my face right here which was taken after first sip:

If you live in or visit Dubai I would wholeheartedly recommend taking a trip to try out the delights!

Faye x

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