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10 More of my Favourite Podcasts (Part 3)

So I've done two of these posts now and I'm still obsessed with podcasts. In fact, I get through them at an alarming rate. Since my first two posts however, my tastes have changed a bit - I'm no long such a huge fan of the long form interview concept, which seems to have taken over podcasts. Sounds a bit mean but I don't think everyone is necessarily set out to be an interviewer. It's easier than ever now to create your own podcast, so I think the traditional format is a bit lazy. I don't mind a back and forth but I prefer podcasts that have a particular slant now.

Anyway, these are my new faves:

1. The Receipts Podcast

I live for this podcast! There are two parts, 'The Receipts' which is basically three women having a chat (see my post on mundanity for why that suits me so much) and 'Your Receipts' where the three women give advice to listeners who write in with dilemmas. My favourite is Your Receipts which is honestly just so entertaining, their advice is both wise and hilarious I could listen for hours. The Receipts part is insightful, articulate and I feel that I learn so much about their individual cultures (Audrey is Ghanian, Tolly is Nigerian and Milena is Colombian). They also have a habit of breaking into song which is a great trip down memory lane as it's mostly songs from the 2000s! Probably tied with The High Low as my favourite podcast.

2. Dear Joan and Jericha

OMG this podcast is H I L A R I O U S but so so wrong. Created by Vicky Pepperdine and Julia Davis, it's a parody of your run-of-the-mill daytime agony aunt type show where listeners send in their problems. The twist comes in the advice, which is medically inaccurate, wildly inappropriate and often very dark. It is side splittingly funny though. I haven't laughed this much since My Dad Wrote a Porno.

3. Dissect

This podcast takes an in depth look at particular albums. So far I've only listened to the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill one (probably my favourite album of all time), but host Cole Cuchna has also dissected Frank Ocean's first album as well as My Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye and How to Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar. He looks at the musical components, as well as analysing the lyrics and researching the artists' inspirations, interspersed with interview footage from the artists themselves. Love how original this concept is.

4. Evil Genius

Russell Kane hosts, with a variety of different comedians each week who discuss a controversial famous figure (Walt Disney, Enid Blyton, Margaret Thatcher and so on) and decide if they are more 'evil' or more 'genius'. Fun ensues, and it's interesting to hear different takes on the person, as well as  new facts.

5. Fashion Unzipped

Three fashion journalists from the Daily Telegraph host this one. It's all very FASHUN and sometimes I find myself rolling my eyes a little bit about how seriously it's all taken but it is still a good analysis of the fashion weeks so I do enjoy.

6. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

I've only recently discovered this one but I feel like I'm sat in a cosy room with some pals listening to this. Author Gretchen Rubin, who create the Four Tendencies personality types (do the quiz here - it's interesting) hosts with her sister, Elizabeth and they talk about topics related to her books, such as 19 for 2019 lists and clutter clearing hacks.They read out a lot of feedback and input from listeners, and it's fast becoming one of my favourites.

7. Hip Hop Saved my Life

Romesh Ranganathan was only on my periphery until I read his book and really enjoyed it. This led to me listening to his podcast and also really enjoying it. It helps if you like Hip Hop, but a lot of the chats Romesh has with his guests are just entertaining and amusing anyway. My favourite episodes include Doc Brown, Adam Buxton and Mo Gilligan. Romesh's mum also features a lot and she is crack up.

8. Love Stories with Dolly Alderton

I'm pretty much obsessed with Dolly at this point, so will listen/read/watch anything she puts out. For this podcast, she interviews various people (she has a good variety of guests, from Lily Allen to Stanley Tucci) and the stories focus around love - platonic, familial, romantic. I end up enjoying these no matter who the guest is. I particularly loved Jessie Cave, who is one of my favourite people at the moment.

9. Off Menu

One of my new favourites, Off Menu is hosted by James Acaster and Ed Gamble and the premise is thus: the guest has to construct a fantasy meal consisting of a starter, main, side, dessert and drink, which can come from anywhere, at any period of their life. It's very funny, particularly James, and has inspired many discussions with my friends about what their dream meal would be. I still haven't quite decided.

10. The Brights

I imagine a lot of people will recoil at this suggestion, and subsequently doubt all of my other recommendations! It follows the Bright family, narrated by and centred around Lydia, of TOWIE fame. I looooove myself some TOWIE and have been watching since the god old sausage plait days, so this fills a nice void in between seasons and provides some lighthearted, mindless entertainment. I think the Brights are very loveable and I have a soft spot for them in my heart.


12 Habits - Wearing my clothes in a new combination every day

I do wish I had a catchier title for this one, but sadly, I cannot think of a way to describe it any better; I did wear the clothes in my wardrobe in combinations I have never worn before. My friend Vikki suggested '#DebutEnsemble, which was fun for Instagram.

I wanted to do this habit as I felt I was getting stuck in a rut with my outfits, particularly to work.

My office is super casual and it makes me sad sometimes as I think 'what's the point in making an effort', but it makes me happy to choose an outfit I appreciate. I love putting clothes together, thinking creatively, layering, getting inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest.

Not everyday mind you, sometimes it's a shiny leggings, T-shirt and trainers kind of day. If I'm feeling particularly tired, or down, or headache-y, I feel quite grateful I don't work in an uber-corporate environment where it wouldn't be a fallback option!

I thought I would find this habit harder than I did, but it was actually relatively easy. I cut myself quite a lot of slack - for example I could still wear a dress I had worn before if I wore it with different shoes, or different accessories. It helped that I bought a couple of new pieces throughout the month as I obviously hadn't worn them before.

A bonus was that it made me much more ruthless about getting rid of items. If I was uhming and ahing over what a certain piece would go with and didn't feel excited about wearing it, to the charity shop/eBay pile it went!

All in all, this was a fun challenge which helped me see my wardrobe in a new light, and highlight some gaps in my wardrobe. I very much need some jeans. Sadly I find shopping for them so tedious and a little bit soul destroying! Send help.

My habit for June is to put something on eBay/Depop every day!


Notes from May


  • This made me laugh because I do enjoy this kind of chat. It me ;) 
  • The campest moments in Vogue
  • I will be so excited if this kind of shopping experience happens in Boots
  • Confessions of a wedding dress shop owner is sweet 
  • This pamphlet on abortion is both funny and very much true 
Book wise this month I read Queenie, which was fantastic, The Lido, which was sweet and warm but not particularly memorable and The Brown Owl's Guide to Life, which was pretty bad. I only read the latter because it had Brown Owl in the title and I am a Brownie/Guide leader. Although I'm not even called Brown Owl.


I'll tell you what I'm NOT watching and that is bloody Avengers. I'm beyond over superhero films, not that I was ever on board with them in the first place. Instead, I saw 8th Grade at the cinema and it was adorable and life affirming. I cried a lot. Rich and I also saw BookSmart for free via See It First which was, dare I say it, the best teen film since Mean Girls. Five stars for both.

On'telly I've been watching Derry Girls (enjoy, has given me an appreciation for the Northern Irish accent), I Think You Should Leave (a new 15 minute sketch show on Netflix which is weird but sometimes hilariously funny) and Bodyguard (amazing, where have I been?!?).


My habit for the month of May was wearing my clothes in outfit combos I've not worn before, so I've been wearing the shit out of most of my wardrobe tbh! I've been enjoying this ASOS black satin skirt a lot.


I've had some delightful meals out this month including a trip to the mainly vegetarian Root - pricey but a vegetarian's dream. I had the 'It's not a Dog' hot dog from Bulls and Dogs in Amsterdam which I still think about daily. The crispy onion rings were unreal. The best brunch I've had in a hot minute came from The Malago  in Bedminster, a suburb of Bristol, followed by a trip to the adorable Earthcake (found on the same road) for vegan cake.


Two podcast episodes I've particularly enjoyed this month are Adam Buxton and Marlon James and Gretchen Reuben on The Nutrition Diva podcast . The former is an interesting chat with someone I previously knew little about, and the latter is a good, succinct chat with habit master Gretchen, where you get a solid intro to her methods.

Music wise, the BookSmart soundtrack is a treat. 


Rich and I had our first city break (and general holiday) in ages this month when we had a long weekend in Amsterdam! Our Air BnB was a little way out of the city but so airy, peaceful and surrounded by a forest. We spent our time wandering, eating stroopwaffels and visiting a cat sanctuary on a boat. Amsterdam you are nice.

Enjoying on Instagram

  • This whole outfit speaks to me. The matching socks! The double leopard! The SUIT!
  • All of these plants please
  • I bought a velvet headband off of Amazon very soon after seeing this pic
  • Never thought I'd be a big lover of the tie-dye trend, but I have found myself drawn to it a lot. Particularly this


Things to do in Bristol when it's raining

Coming to Bristol when it rains is somewhat of a blessing rather than a curse, because there are so many fun things to do inside in Bristol I might just prefer them to outside. As mentioned in this post sometimes the pressure to do all the things in the long, sunny summer days gets to me, so an excuse to embrace not having to enjoy the outdoors can sometimes be just as fun.

And anyway, you can't rely on it being 'summer'.

Escape rooms

These are all over the UK now so not a Bristol-specific novelty but man they are fun. I did one in Bristol recently with my sister and our respective husbands, and whilst we didn't get out, which I was quietly seething about, much jollity was still to be had. The one I tried was The Fourth Samurai at Escape Hunt but there is also PuzzlairLocked in a Room and Riddlr. Escape Hunt even has a pirate one if you want to do something vaguely Bristol-y.

Chance and Counters

This games cafe my fave place in Bristol. It is cosy and cute and such a fun way to hang out with friends and family - a good excuse to get everyone together. The staff are really knowledgeable about the games in the cafe (they have LOADS) and can suggest stuff based on what else you like playing. They serve delicious food and drink too. The Christmas steps, where the cafe is located, is worthy of a browse if the rain stops - fairy lights, multiple tiny shops and quaint pubs await.


The RWA is a short walk from my work, but prior to a visit this month I've never ventured inside. The building itself is impressive, with majestic high ceilings, and the exhibitions are interesting and thought provoking. The cafe is a right hidden gem - everything on the lunch menu is right up my street- salad plates, vegan toasties and similar delights alongside delicious sweet treats (special shout out to the Guinness cake). Now I know it's there, I've already been back since on my lunch break!

You & Meow

Another themed cafe, this time cat based, which I would highly recommend. I feel a bit like I'm cheating on my cat when I come here but there are so many lovely little furry bundles of cuteness I cannot resist. Sorry Bluebell you're still my number 1 gal. Last time I visited they had kittens! The cafe itself has a Japanese theme and feels very serene, with lots of plants and nice plinky plonky music. Tasty cakes too.

Everyman Cinema

Everyman Cinema has my heart! Comfortable sofas, blankets, snacks and refreshments brought to you on demand - what's not to love? It makes movie night a right treat. Just before the film starts, a staff member comes to the front to check everyone has what they need (which is adorable) and the last time I was there a lady shouted out 'I'm having such a lovely time' and I think she is my spirit animal.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Bristol museum is a childhood fave and will always have a special place in my heart, but aside from that it is a peaceful yet interesting place to while away an hour or two. My favourite permanent things to see are the gemstones, Alfred the Gorilla and the Gypsy caravan. Many of the exhibitions are free and there is a Banksy in the foyer too.

Flying Saucers

This is a pottery painting cafe where you can decorate pretty much anything - from kid's money boxes and pet food dishes to vases and bowls. I went here for my birthday last year and spent the most relaxing hour painting my own butter dish. It's so nice just to sit and concentrate on something with no distractions, and you get to take something home as well! Be warned, if you are only visiting for the weekend this may not be possible as you do need to wait for your item to be fired in the kiln, which can take a couple of days.

Heartfelt Vintage

Tucked away in pretty Clifton, this is quite simply, the best afternoon tea EVER. The cafe/vintage shop is owned by the loveliest husband-and-wife team who make everything from scratch, down to the bread and even the butter! Once you're totally stuffed (and you will be), browse the lovingly curated array of affordable vintage gems. A winner.