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5 things I love about living in Bristol

I tend to moan about living in my hometown quite often. Everyone that I ever read about/talk to who lives here seems to love it - they came for university and they stayed, they got a job and never looked back, or they have lived here all their life and can't imagine ever moving out. And whilst I do see there are many great benefits about living in Bristol, I just don't get quite as excited about it as everyone else does - I just think it's not London, it's not London, it's not London (I have banged on about how much I love London in another blog post so I won't go on about it again). 
In an effort to be positive and all that jazz, I've decided to embrace living in Bristol - I'm not going anywhere soon so I might as well have a nice time!

1. I'm going to start with the food. The number of restaurants, cafes, street food stalls, bars is seemingly endless. I keep a list of places I want to visit which grows by the day, there's just so much choice, and so much of it is amazing. If you want to see my top picks, have a read of the 'My Bristol Food' series I contributed to! 

2. Secondly, and sure this is a personal one, but most of my family and friends live here. Having lived halfway round the world, you sure do miss your nearest and dearest being on your doorstep (or even in the same country)! Being able to pop round to see my parents whenever I want is pretty irreplaceable.

3. The Bristol blogging scene is so friendly and supportive - I love going to blogging events in the city, I've had some super fun experiences since moving back. Bristol being relatively small but pretty buzzing means getting invited to the best events, seeing lots of friendly faces but always the opportunity to meet someone new. 

4. The proximity to the countryside is something not to be taken for granted. In the summer one of my favourite things to do at the end of a work day is to pack a quick picnic and drive to a wood or field to catch the evening sunshine. It's such a lovely thing to do after being stuck in a stuffy office all day! 

5. The OOTD photo backgrounds. Totterdown's colourful houses, graffiti in Stokes Croft, majestic houses in Clifton - so many opportunities! Sure, none of them are anywhere near my flat but I like having an excuse to get up early on a Saturday morning and take some snaps when no-one else is around. 

London, I think you will always have my heart but Bristol you can have a bit of it!


What's the point of fashion?

I read the following quote from an article called 'What's the point of fashion' on Man Repeller the other day and I LOVED it. It went straight into my 'bits of things I like' Google Doc, cos I'm cool and have a Google Doc for everything. Anyway, here it is: 

"I know practically, fashion is art, it’s commerce, it’s function, it’s expression. But I also can’t mistake the simple gut reaction I have when I see something I love, that really knocks me out. It’s like out of the blue, finding something special that you’ve lost. You know that feeling: ‘Oh geezus, THERE it is!’ And then, somehow you find a way to make it your own, and once it is [your own], you’re just a little bit more yourself than you were before you found it? That’s fashion to me. Collecting beautiful little pieces of yourself over time."

Christene Barberich, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Refinery29

I love it cos it's true without being wanky (the last bit is a tiny bit wanky, but I'll gloss over it). Most of my favourite items of clothing have a story, no matter how small or insignificant, they remind me of something. I've got a blue kimono with embroidered flowers from India that used to be my mum's when she was younger. I've got a red mohair cardigan which goes with EVERYTHING that I tried on by chance because it was the last one on the changing room rail in H&M. The fluffy bag in these pics reminds me of my friend Lauren whenever I wear it because she bought it from Zara and I lusted after it every time I saw her. Finally I bought my own on Depop. 

This jacket I bought from a jumble sale a couple of weeks ago. Finding an amazing second hand piece is the normal shopping thrill to the tenth power because you're the only one to have it (I mean, Doris from Hull might also have one languishing in her wardrobe but she's prob not going to Instagram story it. Doris if you're reading, comment below).

 I don't mean finding stuff in vintage shops or fairs - I like them but for me, having the shiny bits all laid out so perfectly ruins the fun. The rooting around is what I like, the rifling through the Primark rejects in a charity shop and unearthing a silk shirt, discovering a suede fringed jacket amongst old DVDs at a car boot sale. Both of these are things I have found and love and wear all the time.

I love that my favourite clothes remind me of events, people or even just how I got them - it makes my brain a little bit happy whenever I put them on. Lame as it might sound, it is like creating your own story; it is like collecting beautiful little pieces of yourself over time.


4 ways I'm making my life more sustainable

4 ways I'm making my life more sustainable

I've been thinking a lot more about the environment and sustainability recently. The whole sustainability chat does irritate me a bit to be perfectly honest, especially the phrase 'do your bit' which is often advice imparted by huge companies who have a lot more responsibility than just 'doing their bit'. I remember when I used to work at Topshop doing night shifts, 99% of the shops had their lights blaring all night long, which used to irritate me so much!

However, saying that I'm also not who thinks that 'one person won't make a difference' because in situations like voting, so many people say this and obviously if they all voted instead it would make a huge difference.

I'm giving both sides of the coin because I don't like to approach issues in a black and white way, and I don't want to come across as judgy or preachy.

Anyway, as I said I've been thinking a lot more about living sustainably for two main reasons. Firstly, I attended a healthy eating talk at work recently, part of a wellbeing programme for staff (I love this kind of thing) and had a one to one chat with the nutritional therapist afterwards. We got to talking about things like veganism, plastic packaging and stuff - she was saying how plastics can leak into foods etc. and although I've heard this before I've never really thought about it extensively. Another thing I've been doing is watching zero waste YouTubers (particularly Lavendaire and Oh Hello Face) and feeling inspired to make changes.

So with that all in mind, here are the few changes I've made/want to start making...

1. Veganuary

Some of my husband's friends mentioned they would be participating in Veganuary so I decided to join them. I like doing monthly challenges (I did Dechox last year and I'm currently doing Yoga with Adriene's 30 days of Yoga) and eating a plant based diet seemed very appealing after December's indulgence. I'm finding it mostly fine, I've been vegetarian most of my life anyway so it's not been a huge transition, but I do miss certain things - eggs, chocolate and cheese mainly. I don't think I'll be a bona fide vegan once the month is up, but I'll definitely cut down. I've discovered so many amazing recipes, which I'm going to share in a blog post once the month is up.

2. Glass water bottle

This one seems like such a no brainer - glass bottles are cheap, refillable and keep your liquids colder/hotter for longer! I got mine from Amazon and it's great.  

3. No more straws

I LOVE a straw. I used to take one with me when visiting friends or going on nights out because a. I'm cool and b. I LOVE a straw. However, as you can imagine, all that plastic is horrible for the environment, both to produce and get rid off. I've still got some plastic straws left so I'll use them up, then I'm going to purchase a stainless steel straw, which I can still take with me wherever I go. Winner. In a similar vein, I also want to get a bamboo toothbrush and some bamboo cotton buds.

4. Less fast fashion 

Seeing YouTube hauls with bags and bags of fast fashion every week is making me sad. Not only is it unsustainable but it's expensive and totally unattainable for most people. I'm not going to pretend I'll never be going in Primark or H&M again because I'm human and the pull of creating new outfits gets me sometimes - I see pretty things, think about them in OOTD posts and I can't resist. However, I'm going to stop buying tons of pointless crap I'll wear once then give to a charity shop. I've been working through The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees which I'm really enjoying (I love a project) and trying to only buy clothes I know I will wear loads, or that I don't have 3 cheap versions of already. 

Are there any sustainable things you do/want to do in 2018?


OOTD // Pastel houses and checks

Coat New Look
Dress COS
Boots ASOS

Five thoughts I had whilst wearing this oufit:

1. These boots deffo used to be tighter round the old legs...I hope they aren't slowly dying. Can you do anything about slouchy boots that used to not slouch? I don't wear them THAT often but I like to have the option ya know?

2. I wonder if the people in these houses have a stream of Bristol based bloggers descending on their streets and taking photos of themselves? They're probs all looking out and laughing/shaking their heads/wondering wtf is going on.

3. This coat is an OLDIE (I'm talking about 9 years) but a goodie. I've contemplated chucking it out about 5 times but it always claws it's way back in to my wardrobe. 

4. I really do use this furry bag way too much but I love it so much I can't stop. The lining is broken now too so it's a fun game trying to retrieve whatever falls down the sides of the bag. Usually my keys. 

5. Why doesn't everyone paint their houses in aesthetically pleasing pastel shades? It really would help a girl out.