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OOTD // Rainbow Feet

Top Primark
Skirt H&M
Sandals H&M

I love off the shoulder tops, but man the constant riding up situation is hella frustrating! 

These sandals I bought with the intention of pom-pom-ifying them. I did a trial run last week with some glue dots to temporarily see what they would look like. I thought they looked quite cute but my darling hubs said they looked cheap AF, so I'm not sure anymore! I like them as they are anyway too. 

This weekend I went out twice, TWICE can you imagine? The first was Friday night for my friend's birthday, we went to a fun cocktail bar where I had a marshmallow daquiri, it had actual marshmallow piled on top. Like squirty cream but marshmallow, then it was blow-torched to make it like a toasted marshmallow. I wanted to clap the barman tbh. 

On Saturday I went on a hen do, we went on a boat. Both times I wore my new Zara heels and they were ever so comfortable. Hurrah!


OOTD // Some old lady's dress

Dress Vintage
Sandals Primark
Cat Friend's

Wow I think this must be up there with the most miserable I've ever looked in a photo. I'm really not miserable in real life. Except when I have to get the bus which has no air con in 30 degree heat and the sun shines directly into my eye sockets and then I have to walk up a huge hill in shoes that are pinching my feet to buggery. 

I wore this dress to work and one of my colleagues said 'I like your looks like something an old lady would wear...but you can pull it off' (humblebrag). I said ' that, my friend, is because it is a genuine old lady's dress (probably) that I got in a jumble sale for 30p'. Then we chuckled, then I put my teabag in the green recycling bin and left. 

These shoes I like very much but as mentioned above they are absolutely pinch-tastic. Would not recommend wearing if you have feet the width of a normal person and/or are planning to walk further than the end of your road. Still, they looks nice. 

In other news, I caught a great Pokemon today. 

Faye x


OOTD // The fluffy sliders that have made my life complete


15 Things To Do When You're Bored

Personally I don't get bored. There is not enough time in the day and I like too many things.

However, should you find yourself pacing the halls, instead of going deep into the internet wormhole (don't get me wrong, this can be fun but do you really need to know who your Hey Arnold boyfriend would be based on your star sign?) try one of these ideas. Most of which cost nothing to very little - in fact some can even make you money.

 It's a win win babez.

15 things to do when you're bored

1. Sort out your make up
Get into those Muji drawers and be harsh. Sort into piles - stuff you wear on the daily, stuff you wear for special occasions and stuff you never wear. Get rid of the third pile. You really won't miss it. If you have a label maker you can even label your drawers, thus creating a little make up inventory (I keep trying to convince my line manager at work to pop one on the stationery order but she's not having it).