Topshop Trainers // Outfit One - Camel, Denim and Leopard

Shirt ASOS
Jeans Topshop
Cardigan Topshop 
Trainers Topshop
Scarf Jumble Sale

When I blogged about these trainers, I had a few comments where the general consensus is that they are difficult to style. My boyfriend noticed (number one fan haha) and suggested I do a kind of three ways to wear series and I thought this was a good plan, so behold the first way I would wear these trainers. This is probs quite an obvious, easy choice but it was a casual kinda day, and I couldn't resist the clean looking colour combo of white, camel, denim and leopard print. 

On another note, I was inspired by Chloe's blog and thought I'd include my bf's OOTD as I thought he looked pretty darn fly. It's funny cos I can tell he's trying not to smile/laugh in this pic:


Thanks for reading as always :)

Faye x


The Shoe Diaries #4 // Primark lace up flats

Lace up flats Primark £10

I can't pinpoint the moment in happened, but it seems overnight that the Aquazurra lace up flats were the most in demand shoe of the moment and the high street was awash with dupes. I think I saw and wanted them first on Sincerely Jules (she has actual Aquazurra shoes of course!) and although New Look did bring out a pretty good dupe, I'd not found the ultimate homage until I popped into Primark with my friend whilst shopping for bridesmaid shoes. It was love at first sight. Now I really just hope they don't do that thing that pointed Primark shoes sometimes do, in which a crease forms at the front, thus creating a small triangle- I call it an elf hat. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? 

Faye x


OOTD // London Layers

Jumper Primark
Shirt ASOS
Trousers H&M
Shoes Vintage
Scarf Marks & Spencer

I told you I liked these trousers didn't I! I'm back in Dubai now and I've had to leave them at home because let's be honest, pleather and 40 degree heat doesn't really mix:

I have decided I am going to get back on the healthy eating and exercise bandwagon - when I'm home I do so much seeing friends/family and eating out that it's easy to get carried away and it definitely affects my skin and energy levels. It's hard to resist though when your mum brings out the ice cream, jar of salted caramel and a spoon! 

There's a gym in my building so there's really no excuse, and I'm going to plan my meals in advance so I know exactly what to cook and don't get tempted by supermarket aisle treats. I have decided to share this info as it makes me more inclined to do it if I've written about it online! To be honest I always try and eat somewhat healthily and I'm not going to do a silly diet or anything but my downfall is not planning and then getting a takeaway/cooking oven food cos it's so much easier. A little bit of organising every Saturday should hopefully sort that out. Let me know if you've got any healthy tips/good healthy blogs in the comments below - thanks for reading! :)

Faye x


The Kensington Hotel and Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

When we visited London last week we were lucky enough to stay in the amazing Kensington Hotel. It was pretty much luxury defined - the bathroom (that marble! *can't cope emoji*) had underfloor heating (a dream when you've just stepped out of the shower), there was a James Bond-style whisky cupboard and even a TV to watch whilst having a bath. Those fudgy treats in the first image above were also absolutely delicious - I couldn't even wait to take a photo before sampling them all.

Whilst staying, we were treated to a 'Fashion Forward Afternoon Tea' inspired by the V&A's Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition which was such a cool idea, so pretty and taste-wise, defintely the best afternoon tea I've ever tried. We then headed to the V&A which was about a 10 minute walk away and had a guided tour of the exhibition, which was so interesting. I must confess I wasn't a massive fan of Alexander McQueen before - I liked bits and bobs but the exhibition definitely changed my mind and opened my eyes. Lee McQueen was such a creative, innovative person and his death was a huge loss to the fashion industry. Sadly photos weren't allowed at the exhibition but to be honest I doubt my amateur photos would have done it justice (check out Susie's post  to see some)! If you get a chance to see the exhibition I couldn't recommend it enough.

Faye x


The Shoe Diaries #4 // Topshop trainers

Trainers Topshop £22

I was thinking of buying some Adidas Stan Smiths with an ASOS voucher I had recently as I've wanted some for quite some time until I discovered that they cost the almighty sum of £67 and I fell off my chair in horror. They used to be about £35 - I know there's inflation and what not but srsly. Luckily I stumbled upon these delights in Topshop and they do the perfect job of filling the Stan Smith hole in the section of my heart reserved especially for shoes (it's a large section).


OOTD // Spring has sprung

Jacket Primark
Shirt ASOS
Trousers H&M (similar)
Shoes New Look (similar)

Oh London how I've missed thee! Me and my boyfriend arrived on Tuesday morning and I skipped out of the car and strolled through Notting Hill with absolute glee until I started getting some burning blisters from boots I hadn't worn in months and skulked onto the tube instead. That didn't dampen my mood though which was improved further still when  I spotted these leather look trousers in H&M. I popped in to look for some trainers I'd seen online but found these beauts instead, and the best part is that they were only £5! They are officially my new favourite thing and I've already worn them multiple times.

Later that day we checked into The Kensington Hotel which was the absolute lap of luxury before going for afternoon tea and visiting the new Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A (which by the way was fantastic - more on that in another post). To top off my amazing day someone asked me where my jacket was from as they thought it was Marni - I was well chuffed!

How was your weekend? Happy Easter!

Faye x


New in // Primark Purchases

I'm back in Bristol at the moment for my friend's wedding which took place yesterday. I was a bridesmaid and it was such a lush day, despite the weather and the fact I couldn't stop crying!

I picked up these two things in Primark the other day, I do love the Bristol Primark, I always find stuff  I love and it's never too busy if you get the chance to go on a weekday. Firstly, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THESE SHOES?!? It's definitely love. I've wanted some lace up heels for ages and the bright red colour is just beaut. The coat/jacket/blazer is one of the those doesn't-look-like-Primark purchases, I definitely think it could pass for Zara or Topshop. I wasn't sure about the length at first (you can't really see from the pics but it's like mid calf-length at the back) but my mum convinced me - she's such an enabler haha!

I'm pretty knackered today as yesterday was a long, long day so this evening I'm going for a pizza with my family to celebrate my cousin's birthday, then a nice early night for me! Me and my boyf are going to London tomorrow for 3 nights and I'm really looking forward to catching up with all my friends and being back in the city.

Thanks for reading :)

Faye x

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