OOTD // Pink Bomber Jacket

Jacket New Look
Jumper Ted Baker
Joggers Topshop
Trainers Topshop

Enter the comfiest outfit ever. Cashmere jumper + joggers + slouchy jacket = feeling like you're walking inside a cloud. How cute is this pink bomber jacket? I found it when scouting through the teenage 915 section of New Look, where I always unearth gems which are usually about £4 less than their 'grown up' section counterparts. I love these trainers too - I think I prefer non-branded white trainers like these to the Adidas Stan Smiths. Lots cheaper too :) 

Faye x

P.S. I'm loving Snapchat at the moment - I'm @iwishicouldwink if you are too! 


Why You Should Tag Brands on Instagram

Now, this is a story all about how my photo got re-grammed on Primark's Instagram. (Sorry for anyone born after 1996 who probs won't get that reference.) Anyway, I was minding my own business one day when I saw that Primark had written a comment on one of my Instagram posts, asking if they could re-gram my pic. I had used the hashtag 'Primania' as well as 'Primark' and I'd also tagged them on the actual pic, so I'm not sure if they saw the hashtags, or the tagging, or both. I think the fact that both my dress and shoes were from Primark probably made them notice the photo more too. I'm not gonna pretend I acted cool at this point - in fact I got pretty excited, especially when I saw that they had 2.8 million followers. 

So a few days passed, then a week and they hadn't posted my pic. At this point I just assumed they decided to give it a miss and I felt a bit gutted to be honest. Then, I was in work last week and I saw my phone flashing a lot out of the corner of my eye. It was mostly Instagram notifications, and I hadn't posted anything that day so I thought it was a bit odd. On closer inspection, I scrolled down and saw that Primark had posted one of my pictures. I was well chuffed! 

As you can see they didn't post the exact same pic as me (meaning they must have gone on my blog - how fun) and as you can see it got quite a few likes - many many more than my photos ever get anyway! 

On Sunday, they posted another pic from this very blog, and the same kind of thing happened again, an influx of likes and follows came my way. I'd say I got about 150 new followers from these - now I don't know if this is a lot or not to be honest, as it's a brand new situation for me, but I was delighted. I'm sure there are plenty of bloggers who get that amount of new followers per day, but I am not one of them, so to me it was great.

 Anyway, I thought I'd post about this fun experience to show that tagging brands on social media is definitely worth doing, and can put your corner of the internet in the spotlight for a few days - it's a win win! It would be wonderful if you fancied following me on Instagram - I promise you'll get a delivery of kittens/puppies/baby unicorns (delete as applicable) straight to your door the next day.*

 Faye x

* they will be invisible.


Banana Leaf Phone Case from Coconut Lane

                                                            Phone Case Coconut Lane 

I bought a phone case from eBay recently for 99p. Maybe the price should have been a warning because when it arrived, it did NOT look like the picture. It was basically a photo of some marble printed (badly) onto some thick paper and stuck on the back of a cheap rubber phone case. It was gross.

 This phone case however - what a beauty. I saw Coconut Lane featured on another blog and immediately clicked the link to see what other goodies I could feast my eyes upon. Their iPhone cases are all so so pretty but I knew this was the one for me immediately - I love any sort of palm/leaf print and this one is perfect. It's from the LUXE selection and the quality is excellent -  I like to stroke it. It also saved my phone from extreme crack-age this morning when I dropped it on to a step. 

If you also need a splendid phone case in your life, you can get 20% off of one (or in fact anything on Coconut Lane) by entering the discount code 'wink20' at the checkout! 

Faye x


The Shoe Diaries #7 - Silver Office Sandals

Sandals Office 

Behold the bargain of the year thus far. Went into Office last week by chance as my friend wanted to pop in en route to Pizza Express (I'd recommend the polenta fries seeing as you've asked) and I spied these with my magpie eyes as I've been after some metallic slider-type crossover sandals (specific) for a while. On the label, they were reduced from £40 to £24 and then at the till, they were only reduced again to £14 weren't they! Absolutely beaming I was - don't you love it when that happens? It happened when I bought my bridesmaids shoes too, it's the best feeling. 

Two things to note about these - firstly as they were the last pair in the shop you can blatantly tell that one of them has been tried on shitloads and the other has been in a box in the stockroom looking all pristine! Secondly, they had this weird plastic shrinkwrap stuff all over them, which I assumed you had to rip off. I ripped it all off of one (the one on the right) but then I panicked and got scared that I wasn't supposed to rip it off at all so I left it on the other one. Eventually I guess I will have to take it off that one as well but WHAT IF I've made a horrible mistake and it was supposed to stay on all along?!? Honestly, it's such a struggle. 

Cool story bro.

 What would you have done? Someone please tell me. 

Thanks for reading my waffle! 

Faye x


Bristol Fashion Week

Catwalk photos from The Mall 

This week I went to the Bristol Fashion Week catwalk show for the first time. It's held at The Mall in Bristol, I took my mum along and we had a really fun evening. We were told to wear an item of pink clothing in support of Race for Life, and I wore my new pink bomber jacket which I am VERY obsessed with at the moment. There's a pic of my outfit on The Mall's Facebook page here! My mum wore a fuzzy pink pencil skirt and someone complimented her on it so she was pretty chuffed.

The show was hosted by Denise Van Outen and Mark Heyes and was separated into British summer themed sections - Wimbledon, The Great British Bake Off, Bristol Balloon Fiesta and so on. They had a Summer Solstice theme - my mum is a big archaeology fan and my family and I take the mickey out of her for loving Stonehenge, so we did have a good old lol when a massive photo of it appeared on the screen. 

After the catwalk show there was a blogging party at M&S which was so cute! They had manicures and hand massages available plus treats from the summer selection (I heart the bright colours) and clothing/beauty from SS16. I think M&S have such good stuff in at the moment - I love that olive green co-ord above, and the leather wrap skirt from the catwalk show is an absolute beauty too. She needs! 

Faye x


OOTD // Off the Shoulder

Top Primark
Shorts Levis 
Sandals Mango via ASOS

I wish all my photos could have this amazing background. We took this pics in Hawaii whilst stopping at yet another 'scenic point' (they have a lot of them) and as we were travelling up a mountain, we could see for miles. 

I love these sandals from Mango because they're simple, I love the lace up detail plus they're quite dainty - I'm all for a bit of a chunky shoe but some of the sandals I've seen are just like massive blocks of plastic strapped to a foot. I bought this top during one of those 'just going to quickly pop into Primark, whoops 2 hours later bank account has been emptied' type trips - you know the ones? 

Faye x


OOTD // Denim Dress

Dress Primark
Sandals Primark
Bag New Look

Don't I look happy to be on my honeymoon? Haha, I just struggle to smile in photos without looking hids. I LOVE this denim dress, it's so easy just to throw on and is the perfect mid blue, plus, it was an absolute bargain. I wore it out in London the other night with some mules so it works for an evening as well. That was a good night, apart from when someone spat on my back - yep, that happened, it was absolutely gross! 

Check out the sexy burnt section of leg above as well - how does that even happen? Like what happened to remove the sun cream off of that part of my leg and not the rest. I hate burning. These photos were taken outside of 'Bridal Falls' in the garden of our hotel room, which I thought was quite apt - eee I want to go back! 

Faye x

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