OOTD // Bright and Breezy

Jacket Primark
Dress Ted Baker
Shoes Primark

Another outfit post, another complaint about the lighting. Anyhoo, me and my boyfriend went to a cheese and wine night at Raffles hotel in Downtown Dubai and it was muchos fun. There was a different wine to go with each cheese, plus a selection of breads to go alongside. Needless to say, I stuffed my face and had the best time. In hair news, I can't stop wearing it in a half bun (this one looks a bit weird because I was in a rush.) It also pleases me that the bag goes with the jacket so well. It pleases me a lot. What have you been up to this weekend dear reader?

Faye x


I Wish Wednesday // Sophie Hulme Bucket Bag

Image Source

I've always been more of a shoe person that a bag person, but when I get obsessed with a bag I get OBSESSED with a bag. Right now, this Sophie Hulme bucket bag is the object of my desire. As much as I love my trust Cambridge Satchel (going strong for two and a half years and still looks pretty much brand new) I've been craving a plain black bag for sometime. I love the size of this one and the fact that it's got gold harware, as it won't clash with my jewellery. Sadly I think this will remain a dream for the forseeable future, due to the £725 price tag - I've got a wedding to pay for and they ain't cheap! Which bag do you currently have your beady eye on?

Faye x


OOTD // Dungarees

Dungarees Primark
Polo shirt Reiss 
Shoes Topshop
Sunglasses Forever 21

Howdy howdy howdy. I got these dungarees as part of a fancy dress costume for my friend's hen do in March (we dressed up as farmers cos we're from Bristol. On a separate note, can I just point out that Bristol is a city so when people say we're farmers it is largely factually inaccurate. Thanks.) but I decided I actually quite like them. I stole this polo shirt from my boyfriend, due to my affinity for anything with a collar, and I think it gives the outfit a cute preppy feel.  

It's Ramadan here in Dubai which means that I get to finish work at 3pm woo hoo! Good because there's more time for outfit photos, but bad because its SO HOT that by the time I actually get home I'm a sweaty mess. Lovely. This weekend me and my boyfriend went to get our wedding rings which is very exciting. As you may know, gold is so much cheaper here - My 18ct gold ring was only about £80. Cheers to that! 

Faye x


Lately #6

1. I posted this #FBF pic from when I went travelling in 2010 - this was in New Zealand when we climbed a glacier which was so cool (literally). I remember one of the guys on our trip didn't wear any sunglasses and because the rays that bounce off the ice are so strong he burned his eyeballs! Can you imagine the pain?!!

2. There's a bit of an influx of nail pics in this blog post cos I've been getting back into nail art. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was just the cutest - plus it fits really well with my blog name :)

3. I'm loving all the graphic-y, negative space nail art that's around at the moment and whilst trying (and failing) to copy  pay homage to another Pinterest find, this happened. I love the colours together.

4. My friend at work had to go to the doctor's and the little beaut picked up this apple for me as she knows I have to eat one everyday. It's wrapped up with a pink bow - how precious! Only in Dubai. 

1. My nails have miraculously grown really long -  I think it's a combination of using Nail Envy by OPI (review here) and regularly applying hand cream/cuticle cream. It's getting increasingly difficult to use touch screen but I love how they look, especially filed into a more pointed stiletto shape. 

2. Me and my boyfriend went out on my friend's boat and stopped at this private beach - it was so peaceful. They also had this blow up 'doughnut' tethered to the back of the boat which skims across the sea really quickly and it was totes fun!

3. This is me jumping off of said boat into the sea! I don't know what it is about jumping into a body of water but it makes me really happy. 

4. I went to annual trade show BeautyWorld Middle East for work and I couldn't resist a little foot selfie on the pink carpet. Khloe Kardashian was there to launch the Kardashian's new beauty range, but I didn't actually see her unfortunately. Shame as I do love a good celebrity spot.

What have you been up to lately?

Faye x


OOTD // Grey Black Everything

Dress Topshop
Scarf Vintage
Slip ons Topshop
Jacket Internacionale 
Sunglasses Primark 

It's so hot that it's getting increasingly hard to take outfit photos in Dubai - boo hoo for me. Tried to take some this evening but the camera lens just kept steaming up due to the humidity - has anyone ever had this problem before? If so how does one solve it? Instead I am posting these photos from a few weeks back that I forgot I even had. This dress is mega old (from when I worked at Topshop) and I remember it was like a running joke amongst the VMs because all of us had this dress. It was before jersey/midi dresses were a thing, so we thought we were pretty cool. 

This weekend I have done the following - went to see Jurassic World, which me and my boyfriend  both thought was rubbish. It was silly (not in a fun way), the characters were super unlike-able (except Chris Pratt who I think it's pretty much impossible not to like) and, in my opinion, it was very sexist. I've read a few differing opinions online since, so would love to know what you think if you've seen it? I also went to The Cheesecake Factory for the first time and had a beast of a veggie burger, which was delicious, followed by the cookie dough cheesecake which was a big disappointment. I'm making my way through the American food chains one weekend at a time - next week I reckon I'll try Coldstone Creamery. When in Rome...

Thanks for reading!

Faye x


10 things only fashion/beauty bloggers will understand

The definitive list of pesky #bloggerproblems...

1. When out and about, instead of seeing nice scenery and pretty views, all you see are ideal OOTD backgrounds.

2. Seeing anything marble gives you the feels.

3. Wearing an outfit you love but not photographing it makes your life seem so pointless.

4. You have a blogger enabled wishlist on your phone, in a notepad, on ASOS...

5. The wind/rain/sun has never made you more angry than when stopping you from taking the ultimate blog photo, and don't even get you started on the lighting.

6. The struggle when your boyfriend isn't a professional photographer/art director and just can't seem to make you look exactly like the Olsen twins, no matter how many photos you show him.

7. You think you've taken 20 good photos and when you look at them close up your fringe is all seperate-y.

8. You search the house for random objects that might just add that special je ne sais quois to the perfect flatlay. Punnet of blueberries and a colour-coordinating book that you've never read? Perfect!

9. Your make up stash is so vast that you read a blog post or watch a YouTube video and realise you NEED that new nail polish, only to discover that you already own 3 bottles of it.

10. When you think you're channelling Tyra by doing your best smize but you're actually doing this:

Vogue-worthy. Got any more to add?

Faye x


Inspiration #7 High School Fashions 1969

How flippin' cool do all these people look? It looks like it could be  a Vogue editorial, especially as the 70s are so on trend at the moment, but they're images from high schools shot in 1969 for Life magazine. I don't know about you but when I was at uni I did not look this cool, it was more like previous night's make up and a hoody. I especially love the second girl with her dungarees and bucket hat - so cute - and how fun are the teachers? 

Faye x

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