Inspiration #6 - Toni Maticevski

I saw Australian designer Toni Maticevski's SS15 collection on Olivia Palermo's blog and instantly needed to share it. It's everything I love in a collection: simplicity with an edge, interesting lines and super fresh colour combos. This is the type of thing I want to wear on a night out. Just so cool!

All pics from moda operandi

Faye x


Five Quick Beauty Tips

1. Clean your make-up brushes whilst in the shower.
Makes a boring task so much easier as the water is constantly running. Carrying out this task whilst letting your conditioner/a hair mask (depending on the number of brushes you have) soak in is an even better idea.

2. Always cut tubes of serum/moisturiser/hand cream in half before throwing them away
You'll be so surprised at how much more you can still get out. I've kept my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo going for at least another week by doing this!

3. Sign up to beauty/skincare newsletters.
 Brands love giving out samples and testers, and often they are quite generous. I got a free Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish that lasted for about a month, plus a mini facial from the counter when I went to pick it up. Make a new email account if you don't want your inbox to be bogged down and just check it every few days. (Same tip goes for restaurants, especially on and around your birthday)

4. Invest in some coconut oil.
Such a great multi-tasking product that you can use for skin, body, hair and even as a mouthwash     (I have to confess I'm yet to try this). It's 100% natural and anti-bacterial, just make sure you choose raw, virgin coconut oil with nothing else added. So handy for when you unexpectedly run out of shower gel/face wash.

5. Save chipped nails with glitter.
If your nails have chipped, you really don't have time to re-do them but don't want bare nails, reach for the glitter polish. Apply to the tips, dragging slightly down towards the middle to create a faded glitter effect. You can even just do this to one/two nails per hand and call them accent nails.

Faye x


Bras that have changed my life

Here are two bras that have straight up changed my life. 

2 Pack Bras M&S

I don't normally talk about my underwear on the internet (weird right?) but I thought it would be wrong not to share my most recent discovery.

 So since being in Dubai, the under-wiring  has come out of TWO of my favourite black bras. Fair enough, they were OLD bras (I'm too embarrassed to reveal exactly how old, just take my word for it.)

Every gal needs black bras, so I eventually found myself in M&S in the Mall of the Emirates. After having a browse in H&M, La Senza etc, I really struggled to a) find just normal plain black bras and b) my size. I'm not gonna say what that is, but it's really not an unusual size. Why the high street has such a tiny selection of sizes is beyond me. Goodness know what significantly larger/smaller women do.

Anyway, I picked up a two-pack of T-shirt bras and I just love them! They're comfortable, supportive, and I just didn't know bras could be this...nice. A boring word but so true, they're just all round nice. Not particularly fancy, just do the job they say they will do. I urge you all to check out the bra selection in M&S.

P.S. This blog is totally not sponsored by M&S. I'm just a humble fan.

P.P.S I've had a little blog redesign, courtesy of the sale that was on at Envye. I still need to tweak a few bits and bobs, but it's deffo an improvement, no?

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Review: OPI Nail Envy for Sensitive and Peeling Nails

I am forever searching for something to keep my nails long and luscious, instead of brittle and constantly breaking. Weirdly, in particular it seems to be my thumb nails that break. Anyhoo, with that in mind, when I saw Nail Envy in the duty free shop at the airport, I decided it had to be mine. My parents had given me 40 Euros for food/drink (I mean I was staying at airport for about 6 hours between two flights but how much do they think I eat?) so I used the money I had left over. I think it's what they would have wanted.

What it says on the tin: 'Say hello to stronger natural nails with Formaldehyde-free Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy - packed with Vitamin E and kukui nut oil to help soothe and protect against peeling'

How it works: You apply two coats on day 1, none on day 2, then another coat on day 3, continuing until day 7 when you remove and repeat the process (I hope that makes sense). These are my results after 7 days. It doesn't specifically mention how many weeks you should keep using it, I guess the more you carry on the better? 

Here's what my nails looked like before and after:

The Review 

Good Things: As you can see from the pic above, there's not that much difference between the two images (there's actually more chipping on the after photo and once I removed the polish my nails were VERY peel-y) but since then I've been using the polish as a base coat and my nails have been much less prone to peeling and breaking (except my bloody thumb nail). So maybe the product works by peeling first and thus sort of renewing the nail? My nails are also less yellow and do feel stronger and longer. I like that the product is formaldehyde-free as I'd imagine it can't be great to have harsh chemicals seeping into your pores. 

Bad Things: When I bought this at the duty free shop, I asked a shop assistant if I could use this with nail polish, and she said I could. Although this is STRICTLY true, and like I said I have been using it as a base coat, I feel I was somewhat misled. The instructions are based on having no nail polish on because how can you apply 2 coats, apply nail polish, then take it all off on day 3 and still be applying another coat of Nail Envy? You would be starting again. If you're supposed to apply the Nail Envy on top of the nail polish, that also doesn't make sense as the nail polish would almost definitely have chipped by then and you'd be painting over horrible chipped nails.  You feel me?  This maybe isn't the product's fault, I imagine the shop assistant was just trying to make a sale, but it is still an aspect that annoys me, as I hate having bare nails. 

Also at £18.65, it ain't cheap! 

Verdict: I do like this product, and I would give it 6.8 out of 10. As the first type of its kind I've tried, I would buy it again but I am also inclined to try an alternative product on the market to see how it compares. Preferably one that you can put on under nail polish that is designed to work as a base coat. Maybe that will make it less effective. We'll see. 

Let me know if you've tried OPI Nail Envy for Sensitive and Peeling Nails (or any version) and what you thought. Also if anyone has any similar product recommendations I'd love to hear them! 

Faye x


Inspiration #5 Street Style Fashion Month Trends

Predictably, I love the street style during fashion month. I know it's become a sort of love/hate thing, with Suzy Menkes's now infamous Fashion Circus article and the way attention seeking is at an all time high, but I'm still firmly in the love camp. Getting dressed is a lot of fun, after all.

Seeing people wearing something I really love gets me excited, inspires me to Pin it onto my Outfit Love board and then go back when I've got 'nothing to wear'. Sometimes just the way someone wears their rings or has put two colours together can make me look at my wardrobe in a whole new way.

This fashion 'month' I have noticed a few different street style trends cropping up again and again, creeping into my subconscious. I thought instead of just a ton of pics, I would categorise them into sections.

Business Chic
Sorry about the shit title, I couldn't think of anything better. I know that typical 'office' shirts have been popular for a while now, but I don't think I've seen so many over the course of a fashion month before. Pinstripes have been a 'thing' for a while, but I feel like they are going to explode over the high street a lot more in the coming months.

Re-Worked Leather
Leather has become such a staple in everyone's wardrobe, that where it may have been 'edgy' before, it's now the norm. To update it, the shapes, lines and silhouettes have been re-worked.

Raw Denim
I believe this may have started with Acne, or a similar achingly cool Swedish brand.

Obvs this started with Burberry and their 'plankets' (half poncho, half blanket- a word my mum came across whilst flicking through Instyle and thought it was so funny she howled for about half an hour. she's got an odd sense of humour). I've seen many versions of these popping up all over fashion blogs recently. Word on the street is you can get them in Primark for a fiver.

I've been seeing more and more utility style jumpsuits on the high street, especially since Kate Moss wore one to the Topshop Unique show. Khaki is often a trend for winter but I think it's coming through on more individual pieces as a whole this year.

Last but not least,  I love this girl:

Faye x

All photos from, Vogue, Elle, Refinery 29 and W Magazine. 


OOTD: It's my birthday I'll get high if I want to

Jumpsuit H&M
Belt So old I don't remember
Shoes Primark

Disclaimer: I did not get high, I just wanted to reference my love for Drake. So it was my birthday last week and I am now officially well old.

My friend sent these balloons to my work (so cute), and helpfully these turned up on my actual birthday and two turned up the next day. Excellent. I had a lovely evening, my boyfriend took me to Mahiki where the food was increds (we had macaroni and cheese balls which are every bit as delicious as they sound) and a dessert which looked like a coconut with fruit in, but the coconut was made of actual chocolate and coconut ice-cream! It was divine.

Also, top birthday tip: if you have a Google account, when it's your birthday, this happens:

How fun is that? I got very over-excited. 

Faye x

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