New Model's Own purchases

Model's Own is my favourite nail polish brand of all time so I was very pleased to get my hands on two new polishes when I was back in the UK.

I saw the Colour Chrome collection online and knew I had to get me some of that action based on the bottle alone - so pretty! I ordered Colour Chrome Rose with my ASOS order and it's an amazing coppery rose gold which looks like a shiny penny!

I've also had my eye on the Polish for Tans collection since it launched last year and my mum kindly treated me to Sun Hat when we were shopping in Cardiff, where they've got a Model's Own bottle shop. It's is a lush neon pink that does look amazing with a tan, especially on feet! Do you have any favourite Model's Own polishes?

Thanks for reading!

Faye x


OOTD // Flares

 Top Primark
Trousers ASOS
Sunglasses Primark

So following my favourite new dress, here are my favourite new trousers. Absolutely in love with these beauts and the best part is they are like wearing pyjamas. Me and my boyf went to afternoon tea at the Fairmont hotel on the palm yesterday - the menu was Vincent Van Gogh themed as they had an exhibition displaying some 3D replicas of his paintings.

I have spent the rest of the weekend chilling out - sunbathing, watching horrible but addictive reality TV and getting my hair cut, something which was WAY overdue. I know you're supposed to go every 6 weeks but that has literally never happened in my life - does everyone else get their hair cut every 6 weeks? This is an example of why I could never be one of those girls who looks constantly groomed and perfect - I think I'll always look 'artfully dishevelled' aka a bit of a state. Haha!

How was your weekend?

Faye x


I Wish Wednesday // H&M Studio Cricket Jumper

 I Wish Wednesday is back by popular demand! This Wednesday, I am deeply in lust with this H&M Studio cricket jumper. You know when there are things that you will just always love but never seem to own? A cricket jumper is definitely one of those items for me. They kind of float in and out of the season's 'key pieces' kind of on the periphery, never really making it 100% onto everyone's radar. I can imagine wearing this beauty with a pair of leather leggings and some over-the-knee boots - neither of which are items I own, sadly. This is the problem with wishlist items - one quickly leads to ten others... 

Are you a fan of cricket jumpers? 

Faye x


OOTD // I heart this dress!

Dress Glamorous via ASOS
Shoes Primark
Sunglasses Primark

Sorry about the rubbish quality of these photos - we were on our way to Abu Dhabi when I realised I'd forgotten my camera. I was tres annoyed but had to take OOTD photos on my phone because I LOVE THIS DRESS and wanted to document it as soon as possible. It's from Glamorous, a brand which has never been on my radar before but I bought it via ASOS and in case I haven't mentioned, I love it. I love the collar, I love the chambray denim colour, I love the sleeveless-ness, I love the shape and I love how versatile it is. The only flaw I would mention is that it's a tad see through, but nothing the right underwear can't fix. 

I'm off to search for more Glamorous stuff...thanks for reading :)

Faye x


New Charity Shop Purchases

I really miss charity shop shopping when I'm not in the UK. Although the prices have gone up CONSIDERABLY you can still find some absolute gems. I bought this classic oversized blazer from Warehouse for £8 which is an excellent fit for me and  I don't think its has been worn much at all. I also spied these earrings which I ummed and ahhed about for a while but as they were only £1.30 I couldn't resist in the end. They earned my boyf's stamp of approval as they look like 'ninja throwing stars' and apparently that's cool. 

Other things which I tried but but rejected included a sheepskin jacket which made me look as though I had put on 10 stone and two long grey coats which made me look like I had walked off the set of Uncle Buck (one of my fave films, fact fans).

Thanks for reading :)

Faye x


OOTD // Grey and Black

Jumper Primark
Leggings New Look
Boots New Look
Hat H&M

So it's bloody cold in England right? I swear I've never worn so many layers in my life. I went to Primark at the first possible opportunity (oh how I've missed thee!) and picked up this jumper for only a fiver! I think it lends a nice Olsen twins air to an outfit. I really need to get some new wet-look leggings, these are age 12 from the 915 range at New Look and are getting a tad threadbare now. Also, I don't know why the third picture above is coming up with such a blue-ish tint - maybe after the coloured dress debate my eyes have gone all funny! On the subject - what did you see it as? First of all I saw white and gold but now I see blue and black - so weird. 

So to sum up my UK visit,  I've caught up with my family and my pals, discovered a new-found appreciation for the onesie (I know I'm properly late to that party) and eaten A LOT of food. It was nice to be home!  

Faye x


5 Steps to the perfect airport outfit

1. T-shirt This metallic number is from H&M and is well comfy whilst adding a bit of luxe to the proceedings with its silvery charm. Cos you know, I want to be comfy but not look a total state. 

2. Hoody Essential for layering and also snuggling, which is my favourite. This one is from American Apparel.

3. (Fake) Leather Jacket Leather jackets are obvs a classic item which add a touch of cool and also keep one warm. I have no coat here in Dubai so I think I'm deffo gonna need this for when I'm waiting for the National Express. Oh the glamour! 

3. Scarf This leopard print scarf is the absolute one. I got it in a jumble sale for 20p. TWENTY PENCE?!? Cost per wear is about minus a million pounds. Scarves like this are ideal for long journeys as you can use them in a multitude of ways and they keep you warm if necessary. Fun story: This scarf once fell off as I was walking home from the bus stop, I've never run so fast in my life to retrace my steps and find it, I then thought I'd lost it again but my mum had just popped it in the wash as I'd told her the story and she thought I'd want it to be cleaned as it was my 'life in a scarf'. She knew. 

4. Trainers These are not only the warmest shoes I have here, but also the comfiest so win win all round.

5. Leggings (not in shot as they looked ugly) Again, for maximum comfort and ease. 

What do you wear to the airport? 

Faye x

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