Review: Sephora Instant nail polish remover for glitter

I first heard about the Sephora Instant nail polish remover for glitter on Daniela's blog and pretty much ran to Sephora. Everyone knows that taking glitter nail polish off is a right pain in the ass I was intrigued to see if this would be the wonder pot of my glitter removing dreams. 

What it says on the tin: It really is magic! Just dip your fingers into the foam: bye bye sparkles and nail polish in a snap!

Good things: As you can see from the pics below, this did a good job of removing 3 coats of chunky glitter. There's a scrubby sponge in the middle that I assume is there for you to rub your nail over in order to remove the glitter. 'Just dip your fingers into the foam' isn't accurate as it did take me about 40 secs to get rid completely, but ya know that's not really a grumble as it's still super pain-free and quick. 

Bad Things: The only downside would probably be the price - it was 50AED at the Sephora here in Dubai which works out at roughly 9 pounds. I think that's pretty pricey for a nail polish remover, but to be honest I'm willing to pay that for an easy solution to a really annoying beauty task! I mean sometimes my wrist actually aches from rubbing so hard (oo-er). On another note, as this is the first time I've opened the pot and used it, I will be interested to see how long the sponge stays wet and usable. 

Verdict:  9/10. I will deffo be picking up this up again.


OOTD // 101 Dalmatians

 I made a pal :) 

T-Shirt H&M
Skirt H&M
Boots H&M
Bag New Look

I wonder if my little furry mate above thought I was a massive half dalmatian half husky? (I can't think of any other dogs that are grey). This skirt is tres old, it's getting a bit discoloured and the hem is coming off but you know when you really love something and don't want to part with it? That. I'm also getting quite fond of H&M's v-neck T-shirts, this one is actually a nice metallic silver-y grey but sadly you can't really tell from the above pics. 

Also, isn't the gold foil shop sign above cool? I think it's a temporary one tbh but I would deffo keep it if I was Lili Light Trading LLC. I described this sign as 'shabby chic' because it's like flashy with the gold but also keeping it real with the white paper but my boyfriend claims that this is incorrect as 'shabby chic' just means something is old old chair with a broken seat. This coming from the man who didn't know the difference between leggings and tights, so I think that's all we need to know. 

Faye x 


5 items I want in my wardrobe

 I've been having a long hard look at my wardrobe and have decided that I would really enjoy the following additions:

1. Leather Leggings/Trousers

I've pretty much wanted these since I saw this pic of Ashley Olsen making all my dreams come true in one outfit. I've dabbled with wet-look leggings (which I do still love) but would love to get the real deal one day.

 Enablers: The Olsen Twins, Rosie Huntington Whitely, Miranda Kerr

2. Classic White Shirt

This is my absolute fave item of all time and it pains me that I'm yet to find the perfect one. Something stiff but not too stiff, that stays whiter than white and doesn't gape in the boob region. Help me!

 Enablers: Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo, Miroslava Duma

3. Gold Sequin Jacket

Sometimes you just need to bring a truckload bit of sparkle, and as a lover of all things gold, I've been lusting after a sequinned blazer more and more.

 Enablers: Nicole Richie,Serena Van Der WoodsenMaja Wyah

4. Tulle Midi Skirt

These skirts appeals to my girly, disney princess side. They're just SO PRETTY. Maybe I secretly want to be a ballerina?

5. Lace Up Heels

What a beaut of a shoe. I would love a pair of these in a bright blue or red.

Enablers: Kim KardashianBarbara MarteloZendaya Coleman

What would you like in your wardrobe?

Faye x


OOTD // Midi Skirt and Flats

T-Shirt H&M
Skirt H&M
Bag Gift from Bali
Shoes Topshop

Three good things that happened this week:
  • I got an unexpected promotion at work
  • Me and my boyfriend went to a delicious brunch at Al Dhiyafa at the Habtoor Grand
  • I was featured on the ASOS #asseenonme gallery here
What has happened to you that's been good this week? 


The 2015 Golden Globe Awards

Ah my favourite thing...judging award season outfits. For the Golden Globes, I've categorised them into my loves, my likes, my disappointeds (def a word) complete with handy visual aid in the form of a smiley.



All images from Vogue and Style
Do you agree with my choices?

Faye x


Current Favourite Nail Polishes

Ah nail polish, how I love you so. Having left most of my stash in the UK, I've bought a few newbies since being in Dubai and have discovered some gems. 

From L-R, Top to Bottom:

  1. American Apparel Port. I actually brought this shade with me and it's proved very handy. A gorgeous, rich, dark red which brings the drama and looks equally lovely on fingers and toes.
  2. Barry M Lychee. I saw a girl in the lift in my building wearing a colour like this on her toe nails and it looked beaut. When I see someone with a nice nail polish on I demand to find one similar and so I seeked out this shade. A lush creamy nude, it does look amazing on tanned toes.
  3. Barry M Papaya. I picked this up as it was 3 for 2 on Barry M in Boots. I was drawn to the bright, juicy orange and it doesn't disappoint. 
  4. Essie Fiji. A blogger classic, which I also brought with me from the UK. Such a pretty pale pink which suits everyone and is a lovely base for glitter or nail art. 
  5. Rimmel Glitter Bomb in Bling Thing. A friend who came to visit kindly brought this over after she saw me moaning on my blog that I no longer had a gold glitter polish! I like that it's a chunky glitter but is still easy to apply. Plus it has stars in so a win all round.

Have you tried any of these shades?

Faye x


OOTD: A Bright Yellow Wall

T-shirt Stolen from my dad
Shirt Stolen from my boyfriend
Leggings H&M
Shoes Topshop
Bag New Look

I couldn't resist this yellow wall when I walked past - so fun! This is the good thing about Dubai , there are so many excellent background opportunities, and a lot of them aren't in busy areas. I mainly don't care about people staring when I take outfit photos any more, but ya know, I would still prefer to take them when noone is watching! I read somewhere that shirts tied round the waist are 'over' for 2015 but I'm still a fan. I like the extra dimension/layer they give to an outfit. So there.

 In other great achievements of 2015, I am number one in the UAE at Mean Girls on Quiz Up. Break out the piƱata! I'm still waiting for the day they add a Dawson's Creek quiz. I even tweeted them saying I will lovingly create all the questions. Must I wait forever? What else are they doing that's more important? 

Faye x

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