OOTD // Florals...For Winter...Groundbreaking

Jumper Zara
Skirt Jumble Sale
Boots Primark
Sunglasses ASOS

I thought I'd get a little Devils Wears Prada-esque reference in the title there. My other favourite Miranda quote is 'Please, move at a glacial pace, you know how that thrills me', which is specially reserved for people getting in my way and waiting for my mum who said she'd be ready at 1 and it's now half past and she's still in her dressing gown. 

I wore this colourful outfit to our food tasting/planning meeting that took place last week at our wedding venue - how exciting! I think the 3 desserts we sampled gave me some sort of sugar rush though as I developed a headache on the way home and had to have a lie down before watching All Hail the Veil which is my absolute new favourite show (basically just a UK version of Say Yes to The Dress). 

Thanks for reading!

Faye x


OOTD // Stripes

Jacket Vintage
Dress Primark
Boots Primark

I love the combination of tan and monochrome. I love these boots, they have an excellent amount of going up the leg-age. On another note, here are three things that are annoying me: 

1. I've just realised when editing these pics that the fringing is coming off of this jacket - whoops! My dad clearly didn't do a very good job of gluing it on. You just cannot get the staff. (Just joking dad, I'm very grateful for you, your tool shed and your willingness to do my tasks) 

2. I went to see my nan today and there was a van parked outside that said on it 'No job to big or to small'. Is this just the world we live in now, that grammar and spelling are thrown out of the window?!?  

3. I'm also sick of the weather and constantly being cold then warm for a bit then cold again when I need to go outside or even just to the bathroom. I would like to live in a country where it's a pleasant temperature 3 seasons of the year and then hotter in the summer so I can get a banging tan. Is that so much to ask? 

Faye x


OOTD // Snakeskin

Coat Massimo Dutti
Shirt ASOS
Trousers H&M
Shoes Primark
Scarf Marks & Spencer

Got me some new shoes didn't I. It's definitely too cold to wear them but I did anyway cos I'm bloody mental. I wore them with my two loves - fake leather trousers and white shirt, plus I added this snazzy mac that I have acquired, which I feel adds a touch of class and sophistication. Don't you agree? This past week has been a whirlwind of wedding planning - DJ, bridesmaid dresses, suits tick tick tick! I've got my dress fitting tomorrow and I am both excited and scared - wish me luck!

Faye x


OOTD // Polished Scruff

Coat Topshop
Dress Topshop
Trainers Topshop

This outfit was so comfy,and using a backpack has definitely changed my life. There's just so much more freedom for your arms, and your bag doesn't constantly fall off your shoulder which was one of my pet hates, especially when carrying shopping as you then have no hands to immediately pull it back up - grrr! I wore this to pop into town and it was the perfect outfit to go shopping in as there are minimal layers to remove when trying stuff on, which is essential when going in Primark. As you can see from the bag I'm becoming more and more obsessed with pom poms, I think it will get to the point where I can't move out of my room for fluff and I will become bed bound. But I will be happy. 

Faye x

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The Happiness Tag

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The Happiness Tag 

I saw this tag on Cakey Dreamer and it seemed ideal to do in January when it will not stop raining.

Here are things that make me happy:

My favourite type of music is Hip Hop/RnB/Grime. I particularly enjoy 1990s/2000s RnB (As we speak I'm listening to Aunt Dot by Lil' Kim. Download it - it's a tune and what's not to love about an album called The Notorious K.I.M?) I struggle to enjoy current chart music apart from a select few songs - I'm showing my age here but it really does sound all the same. However I do love Drake. I have a soft spot for boyband/girlband songs, again from the late 1990s/2000s. *NSYNC - yes please! 

I love David Nicholls and my favourite book of all time is One Day. I also quite enjoy books set in World War II/The Victorian era - don't really know why, I just find them particularly interesting. I also like children's classics like A Little Princess, I Capture the Castle and The Railway Children. The language they use pleases me greatly. For example, in The Railway Children one of them gets given a guinea pig and they describe it as a 'a real live guinea!', whilst one of them calls the baby  'a darling ducky baby'. I find it very cute and it amuses me.


My 5 fave films are Mean Girls, Uncle Buck, Hook, 3 Men and a Little Lady and The Social Network. I love a good Disney film, especially Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King or The Little Mermaid. I also like films with whales in which is why I'm very excited for In The Heart of the Sea. 

All the foods. I try and eat relatively healthily and let me tell you it's a struggle. I do like healthy food and I'm obsessed with fruit but I also like a lot of the unhealthy stuff. My faves include pizza, melted chocolate, crumpets, Malteaster bunnies, Hula Hoops, chip shop chips with TONS of salt and vinegar, Magnums, M&Ms... I could go on for a while.  Here I am enjoying three ice-creams in Dubai:

For some reason I like words with the letter x in - they sound very pleasing to my ears. Extrapolate and Lynx (the latter is an excellent word to use in hangman) are two of my favourites. I also like the words sparkle and bewitching. 

Hmmmm. I like the smell of grass because it means summer, and the smell of Christmas trees. I like the smell of cats. 

My other favourites are otters, Sali Hughes, when my nails all grow to a long length, getting into my pyjamas after a long day, pom poms, cherry blossom, glitter, seeing animals in the wild, Geordie Shore, quizzes, when people comment on my blog, fairy lights, crystals, lakes and this picture of a cat eating grapes:


My favourites are Atlantic PacificCoco's Tea Party Dinner with MaddieFlying Saucer ,Maja WyhStyleaked, The Little Plum, The Style Rawr and Where Did You Get That

What things make you happy? Let me know! 

Faye x


OOTD // The Day After Boxing Day

Top Charity Shop
Jeans H&M
Shirt Dress Betty Jackson @ Debenhams
Boots Pull & Bear

Happy New Year! Doesn't Christmas just seem like absolutely ages ago? I wore this outfit last week to visit family in Devon and it seems like much more time has passed since. In the interim I've mostly been watching Mad Men and buying an inflatable sofa. I haven't attempted the sales yet and tbh it's probably too late now anyway so never mind - I'd probably just ended up buying stuff I don't need and would never wear! 

Faye x


15 Reasons Why I Loved 2015

I did a 14 things I loved about 2014 last year and got some lovely comments so I thought I'd do the same this year - 15 reasons why I loved 2015, both big and small.

  •  I had an adventure in Dubai with my boyfriend which had its ups and downs but I met some amazing people and I'll never forget it.
  •  I lived on the 58th floor of one of the highest residential buildings in the world and had a view of the ocean everyday.
  • I saw a camel IRL.   
  • I was a bridesmaid twice for two of my beautiful friends - both very emotional days which made me both excited and scared for my own wedding!
  • I found out my sister was not only pregnant but also engaged. 
  • My little blog continued to grow. 
  • I returned to the UK and appreciate it more than ever (saying this through gritted teeth right now as it's been raining non stop for about 2 weeks!) 
  • I spent most of the year with a tan - I now pretty much have no tan lines left :'( 
  • I got balayage in my hair - sounds like no big deal but I NEVER dye my hair!
  • I had some amazing meals in Michelin starred restaurants, including the best potato dauphinoise I've ever eaten!
  • Having been rubbish at saving most of my life, me and my boyfriend managed to save money for our wedding.
  • I got to go shopping for a wedding dress - it was stressful at times but lovely to bond with my mum. 
  • I jumped from a boat into the sea and spent the afternoon on a private island.
  • I did yoga on the beach and discovered I really like it.
  • I was in a job out of my comfort zone which was challenging but taught me a lot.
Here's to 2016! 

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